Marketing and Technology Professional Mark Vena Levels about Targeting Millennials

As the millennial generation grows older, many brands are recognizing these individuals as valuable consumers. As such, marketing professional Mark Vena discusses ways that companies can connect with young adults through modern strategies.

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San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Having fueled extensive developments in the technology sector and in global marketing strategies, professional Mark Vena has discovered that both technology and marketing have become increasingly integrated over the years. In fact, he notes that most brands are wise to adopt strategies for tech-centric marketing—such as online development and mobile expansion—especially when it comes to reaching out to those who use these tools every day. A recent article from Forbes highlights which demographic may serve as the core demographic in relation to tech-based marketing efforts—the millennial generation.

Citing research from eMarketer, Forbes reveals, “Last year 49 million millennial consumers used a smartphone, with 84 percent being avid social media user.” While many companies may feel that their current online or mobile marketing strategy is millennial-friendly, Mark Vena explains that it is critical for all marketers to remember that these consumers are probably on multiple devices at once.

Similarly, Forbes suggests that marketer should “assume [millenials] are watching more than one screen.” The article states, “A survey taken prior to the Super Bowl found that about 36 percent of viewers would be consulting on a second screen. Responding with speed to your audience in real time through relevant social channels is a perfect way for brands to reach millions of consumers personally and emotionally on smartphones, computers and tablets during big cultural moments.”

With many platforms out there, businesses run the risk of designing strategies around tools and applications that millennials do not really use. For example, Mark Vena explains, “Google Android and Apple iOS-based devices are the preferred solutions for millennial users in their daily lives.”

Although reworking a marketing approach to utilize mobile technology and social media in order to appeal to millennial consumers can seem overwhelming, there is a wide array of benefits connected to adopting new technology for marketing purposes as well. Forbes highlights this two-way street of tech advantages in marketing and states, “Marketers have two valuable tools: historical data, the evidence behind what this younger generation cares about, and real-time data, which is pouring in by the second. Raw numbers from ‘likes,’ ‘comments’ and ‘retweets’ give brand marketers the ability to evaluate information by the second. By leveraging both, they can find their place in the conversation and create culturally relevant moments.”

“It is critical that businesses embrace tablets and smartphones in their marketing strategies as the chief always-connected devices to efficiently target millennial users,” Mark Vena concludes.


Mark Vena is a technology professional who has, since starting his career in 1984, followed an upward trajectory every step of the way. A strong example of a leader and professional role model, Vena has taken the time to cultivate his own skills and help his teams to develop their professional capabilities. As a global marketing, product management, and technology executive, Vena has had to learn how to adapt to changing work environments while using key best practices to develop and implement strategic initiatives. Over the course of his career he has worked for some of the biggest names in the technology field, including Dell and Compaq. Today, he is continuing to build his expertise in the field while sharing his insight with up and coming professionals.


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