QMedRx Highlights Customer Service Tips from Sir Richard Branson

QMedRx explains how customer service can be improved—and how it can make or break a brand.

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Maitland, Florida (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

QMedRx is a specialty healthcare and pharmacy services company that has made a name for itself due to its exceptional customer service. The organization has dedicated its efforts to establishing long-term, positive relationships with insurance companies, patients, and healthcare professionals. As such, it is continually looking for new ways to improve the support that it provides to its clientele while constantly offering accurate and timely service. Here, a representative from the organization comments on a recent article published by Forbes that puts forth several lessons regarding customer service that the author learned during an interview with entrepreneurial legend Sir Richard Branson.

The article explains why Branson is such a highly respected professional in the sphere of customer service: "It's rare to find a leader who elevates the experience for employees and customers to such a degree that other brands benchmark against his or her company. I [the author] recently had a unique opportunity to spend a day with one such leader, an entrepreneur and billionaire who has built a brand considered the gold standard in customer service—Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson."

The article goes on to provide insight that Branson offered during this interview, which a representative from QMedRx believes is wonderful for companies to consider when creating their own customer service policies. The representative comments: "Sir Richard Branson is known for his ability to shape a brand and keep his customers happy. As such, he is a wonderful resource for tips regarding customer service. We at QMedRx strive to provide the same high degree of support to our patients, healthcare professionals, and insurance companies as Branson does to his airline patrons—and we have succeeded in doing so because we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our clients' experience. We recommend that companies look to these tips that the article provides as a great point of inspiration for improving their customer service."

The first tip offered by the article is to be visible. By staying in the field, rather than disappearing behind a desk, professionals can keep their finger on the pulse of their clientele. By staying involved they can understand what their customers need and how to best provide it to them.

Next, the article asserts the importance of showing the brand's passion for serving clients. Individuals have the option to support virtually any of a company's competitors, so it is important that organizations make clients feel welcome and appreciated. But this extends beyond customers to employees. The third tip the article highlights is to view employees as an asset. These are the individuals who are championing the brand.

QMedRx encourages other companies to take these tips into consideration and looks forward to continuing to serve its clientele.


Founded in 1990, QMedRx is a specialty healthcare and pharmacy services company that is headquartered in the state of Florida and licensed in 48 states, Puerto Rico and Guam. Accredited by the ACHC, this organization provides compound pharmacy and other services to patients and their families nationwide. . QmedRx is an in-service provider that is trusted by numerous insurance companies. The goal of QmedRx is to provide the service and support that patients need in an effort to create long-term, positive relationships with both these individuals and medical professionals.


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