Age121 Offers Tips for Avoiding Recruiting Nightmares

Age121 comments on advice for companies looking to steer clear of poor hiring choices as they fill open positions.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

The team at Age121 offers courses for professional development, compliancy, and legality. The recruitment and training company aims to ensure that new hires are properly informed about industry protocols and regulations as they take on a new role. Now the professionals are speaking out on a new article that provides insight for companies looking to make strong hiring choices as they look to fill open positions within the organization.

One of the most effective ways to find eligible talent is by writing a job description that is clear and easy to understand. Businesses that use ambiguous terms or buzz words may become frustrated when they do not find potential hires who possess they traits they are looking for. Instead of asking for a “thought leader”, it is best to put this trait into terms that are easy to define. The description could include someone who is aware of industry developments, creative, and connected to other professionals within the field.

A consistent approach to interviewing is also a necessity in order to feel good about a new hire. If one interviewee is asked extensively about their work history, while another is mostly asked about their ideas for the company, it will become difficult to compare the two. Instead, there should be a few standard questions that every potential new employee must answer. This makes responses easier to compare. When interviewing a potential new hire, a manager should take care to write careful notes during the conversation. This makes it easy to go back and evaluate that candidate carefully when the interview is through.

The team at Age121 also advises hiring managers to prioritize the traits that they are looking for when evaluating a candidate. A person may have sales experience and organizational skills, but lack knowledge about certain computer programs. Instead of waiting to find a candidate who has every single desirable trait, a hiring manager should prioritize. An individual who is experienced, dependable, and responsible can quickly get trained on how to use a computer program or a file management system. It is better to ensure that this individual possesses traits that cannot be learned in order to ensure future success.

during their discussion with an individual. Some candidates fake portions of their resume, assuming that the employer will not take the time to verify that the details listed are correct. An in-depth discussion with this person about their past employment can reveal whether these job entries are actually factual.

Instead of just asking candidates to produce a resume, they should also be required to compose a cover letter. A cover letter illustrates that person’s writing skills, and can also help to paint a more well-rounded picture about who this person truly is. Age121 also encourages those who are conducting interviews to receive proper training in order to be able to accurately assess a potential new hire.


Age121 is a training and recruitment company that provides courses dealing with professional development, legality, and compliancy. These classes allow new hires and current employees to properly understand protocols and regulations both within that industry, as well as in that particular company. The classes cover issues pertaining to a variety of different fields. Topics include how to be an effective personal assistant, how to perform CPR, how to be a receptionist at a medical practice, and many others.


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