Pros at AC Solar Solutions Weight in on Energy Research

Saving watts and dollars is the goal of AC Solar Solutions, a company committed to reducing the global carbon footprint.

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

AC Solar Solutions helps energy conservation through every solar panel they install. Based in Austin, Texas, and Colorado, the company is a full-service energy provider specializing in solar panels and home-efficiency solutions. The company looks at each home and commercial building differently, finding ways to save energy and install cost-effective methods for lowering energy costs and, ultimately, reducing the world’s carbon footprint one roof at a time.

A recent article at Clean Technica examines research and development government spending over the past few decades. While fuel prices are spiking and climate changes are occurring, political groups are finding ways to bolster their reputations by promising R&D solutions that could one day change the world. The article states that this is not effective enough for immediate change, and says every household in the country is able to make changes on their own.

“We are a proud frontrunner in helping reduce America’s carbon footprint,” AC Solar Solutions says. “We have made great progress in the last couple of years and, as a nation, we are on the right track.”

Alternative energy in the home is the first step. While power companies are starting to offer wind and other sources of green energy, solar power is a method almost any home can take advantage of. The installation is the most expensive part, but after that energy costs decrease substantially over a few years.

Part of this is due to net metering. When a home is not using power, like during a workday or when residents are on vacation, the solar energy is directed back into traditional energy grids. A meter “runs backwards,” allowing homes to take advantage of power earned through credits at night and when the weather is overcast and cloudy. Not only does this reduce costs for homeowners, it enables others to take advantage of solar-created energy.

The article explains how the U.S. has spent twice as much as Japan in the past three decades, and more than ten times as much as Germany on R&D. It is also pertinent to observe that the U.S., despite its research and development efforts, still consumes twice the amount of energy as Japan and Germany.

An energy breakthrough is undoubtedly over the hill somewhere, but in the meantime there is no reason not to start pinching pennies and conserving. Japan and Germany, for example, have incentives available for residents utilizing green energy solutions. AC Solar Solutions taps into U.S. incentive and rebate programs, cutting back on installation costs, but there still are not enough homeowners making the switch.

Reducing carbon emissions is a global effort. It is scaled, and homeowners can utilize the same green techniques (dual-flush toilets, natural lighting, solar power, etc.) commercial buildings do. Transportation, though, is still the biggest energy consumer in the U.S. Conversely, Japan and Germany utilize public transportation, have accessible trains, and ship cargo more efficiently. Due to America’s size, there is no doubt this is a challenge, and people can hope that one day R&D will pay off in the transportation sector.

AC Solar Solutions encourages homeowners to look into alternative energy sources to help the effort, and knows that every watt saved helps.


AC Solar Solutions has more than a combined century of energy experience. Based in Texas and Colorado, the company is committed to bringing clean, efficient energy solutions to residential homes and commercial buildings. It also offers full-home energy consultations designed to turn homes green.


  • Mark Kavinsky
    PR Management Inc.