4BONE® Expanded Line of Dental Bone Regeneration Solutions from MIS Implants

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The name 4BONE® represents an entire family of quality regenerative biomaterial solutions consisting of bovine, porcine and synthetic based products that offer solutions for a wide range of bone regeneration procedures. The 4BONE line includes a Bovine Bone Matrix, Synthetic Bone Substitute, Bonding Graft Material, Resorbable Conforming Barrier Membrane, Resorbable Collagen Barrier Membrane and Plug and Tape-Wound Dressings.

MIS best serves our customers by providing a wide range of quality bone grafting materials, membranes and accessories to answer almost any clinical scenario.

Flexibility is a key feature of the new 4BONE® product range recently introduced by MIS Implants. Products can be mixed together in various configurations to achieve more flexible treatment solutions, i.e. resorption time and types of bone matrix required. Products are packed in varying weights and volumes, for simple and easy delivery directly to the surgical site. MIS regenerative products also mix readily with other biomaterial brands.

MIS best serves our customers by providing a wide range of quality bone grafting materials, membranes and accessories to answer almost any clinical scenario. Quality equipment and design control processes assure high standards of sterilization and safety for all 4Bone products; making it safer and making it simple. The 4BONE line has recently been launched in the USA and will soon be available in other countries pending approvals.

The 4Bone line includes the following products:
4BONETM XBM: An anorganic bovine bone mineral matrix for use in bone regeneration procedures, and recommended for use as a bone void filler or augmentation material in periodontal defects and dental implant procedures.

It is produced by removal of all organic components from bovine bone, leaving the natural mineral component for use as an osteoconductive material for bone regeneration. Due to its natural structure, 4BONE XBM is physically and chemically comparable to the mineralized matrix of human bone. The trabecular architecture with interconnecting macro and micro pores allows for the optimal ingrowth of new vascularity and bone at the graft site and maximizes the potential for angiogenesis.

4BONETM BCH: A fully synthetic bioactive bone substitute composed of chemical synthesis of 60% HA and 40% ß-TCP. It is recommended for use as a bone augmentation material in dental implant procedures and periodontal defects.

With its interconnected micro and macro porosity and osteoconductive properties, BCH attracts osteogenic cells and promotes the diffusion of biological fluids, providing a guaranteed homogenous distribution and diffusion of the two phases. BCH has optimized morphology and resorption properties to provide flexibility and a predictable healing process for a wide range of bone regeneration procedures.

BONDBONE®: An innovative synthetic bone grafting material composed of biphasic calcium sulfate. Due to it novel engineering process, BONDBONE has excellent handling properties. The initial pliable paste is fast setting and is not affected by the presence of blood and saliva.


This resorbable, osteoconductive bone grafting material takes the best qualities of hemihydrate and dehydrate calcium sulfate and combines them into one unique product. When combined with other augmentation products, it acts as a binder to improve graft stability and to increase volume and effectiveness of the bone graft. BONDBONE can be used by itself as a highly effective material for socket preservation procedures and the augmentation of small defects.

4BONETM RCB: A resorbable Conforming Barrier Membrane engineered from highly purified Type I bovine collagen. It is a fully resorbable and adaptable cell occlusive barrier used in guided tissue regeneration and guided bone regeneration procedures in the areas of dental implants, bone defects and ridge augmentation.

Upon hydration, the barrier membrane easily adapts and adheres to all surgical sites and promotes healing of bone and soft tissue. RCB can be easily trimmed and does not deform or adhere to itself or instruments when hydrated. The optimal mechanical properties and high tensile strength of RCB allows for easy placement and adaptability in ridge augmentation procedures, due to its ability to naturally conform to the site where it is placed.

4BONETM RSB: A bioresorbable, cell occlusive membrane engineered from highly purified bovine collagen. It is indicated for use as a barrier membrane in guided tissue regeneration and guided bone regeneration procedures in the area of dental implants, bone defects and ridge augmentations.

Due to its optimal initial rigidity and defined stability, the RSB Membrane is the product of choice to prevent soft tissue ingrowth during healing in defects that lack bony wall support. Its semi-permeable properties permit the exchange of essential nutrients for healing, while the porosity qualities effectively hinder epithelial down growth; preventing gingiva connective tissue cell migration into the treated site. Optimal resorption time allows for sustained function during the healing process.

4BONETM PLUG and TAPE- Wound Dressings: Used following oral surgical procedures to control bleeding, stabilize blood clots and aid in wound healing. They are engineered from highly purified cross-linked type I bovine collagen with an optimal structure and thickness to allow the absorption of both fluid and blood at the defect site.

These sterile dental wound dressings are engineered from bovine Type I collagen. They protect the oral wound bed and controlling bleeding due the hemostatic properties of collagen fibers. Both the PLUG and TAPE are fully resorbed within 10-14 days.

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Established in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd., is a global leader in the development and production of advanced products and innovative solutions aimed to simplify dental implantology. Our state-of-the-art production line offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge dental implants and superstructures, as well as an extensive range of solutions for oral restoration and health. MIS Implants products are marketed and sold in over 60 countries, through our extensive network of sales representatives and distributors worldwide. Standing behind MIS Implants are world-class scientists and engineers, committed to the continued research and development of new progressive products and technologies to shape the future of implant dentistry.

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