Expresses Advice Regarding Checking Credit Scores for Potential Dates

Share Article men’s finance and lifestyle magazine comments about the recent trend of singles looking into the credit scores of their potential dates to determine compatibility, and provides advice for such behavior.

Ok, I get wanting to date somebody who is financially responsible, and I do think that credit scores can be used as a good indicator of whether a person is a trustworthy borrower. However, let’s look at the other side of this. men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today released advice regarding the need for knowing a potential date’s credit score before allowing the relationship to advance to a second or third date. Amongst the large quantity of news articles proclaiming the apparent recent trend of credit scores being a vital part of dating, took a stance in voicing their disapproval of a credit score being such a deal breaker so early in a relationship.

Recently, a slew of news articles have emerged surrounding the reported new trend of singles asking for the credit scores of their new dates, using the numbers to determine date-ability and potential for a future relationship. One of the most recent articles, taken from Dayton, Ohio local news channel WHIO TV, comes from the column “Ask Jane.” The article is in response to a question asking Jane, “Should I tell a new date my credit score?” Author Jane Bryant Quinn replies, “You might have to, if you want to see the guy or girl again. Credit scores not only affect the size of the interest rate you have to pay on credit cards and loans. They’re also becoming one of the keys to romance.” voiced some opinions regarding this new trend, telling singles to “chill out.”’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “Ok, I get wanting to date somebody who is financially responsible, and I do think that credit scores can be used as a good indicator of whether a person is a trustworthy borrower. However, let’s look at the other side of this. Your credit scores never actually merge, even if you get married. Another thing worth mentioning is that credit scores ARE repairable! It’s not like when you ask that cute guy or girl your dating how many people they’ve slept with, and an alarming number comes out. That number will never go down, whereas credit scores do have the potential to go up. So I don’t think a person’s credit score should be the be-all-end-all to a potentially good relationship.”

Columnist Jane Bryant Quinn goes on to say in the above-mentioned article that she believes first dates are too soon to inquire about somebody’s score, but that it does make sense for those who are looking to marry to find out a partner’s score before the relationship becomes too serious. Quinn recommends getting a free credit score to check one’s score to determine whether it is at a “date-worthy level,” and if not taking steps to improve it. also encouraged those who are concerned about the credit scores of their potential mates to look beyond just the number.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “I understand being pickier these days when choosing a mate, but I really think that we need to cut each other some slack. If you ask a date for his or her credit score and hear a number that you don’t like, keep in mind that people can have low credit scores for all sorts of reasons—not just because they have a dozen collection agencies hounding them. It could simply be that they don’t have enough open accounts to have credit, which believe it or not comes across as bad credit. Or, if they have too few accounts, even one late payment could put a huge dent in their score. So don’t judge before learning somebody’s history, and remember that they could be committed to bettering their credit.”

The “Ask Jane” article recommends that regardless of one’s score, if a person is approached with that question on a date, it’s best not to lie about it. She points out that the relationship could get more serious, and eventually the truth will come out. She advises singles to simply work on raising their score to “date-worthy levels” through timely bill payments and a reduction in credit card balances.

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