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While often times businesses suffer from bad online reviews, newer or slower businesses experience a serious lack of reviews from users in general. These owners can fall victim to near abandonment on Google and other search engines. According to Johann Beishline Google ranks the order of results that appear based on amount of reviews and how positive they are. However, if an owner doesn’t have many reviews of their business, they could become virtually lost to a search engine user., a website devoted to aiding businesses in improving their online reviews on sites such as Yelp, recommends some steps to creating a surge of chatter online about a non-reviewed business.

First and foremost, make sure that the computer database of the business is bug-free, efficient, and clean. Server health monitoring and server health service are available online to use personally, or an owner can hire someone to make sure their upgrades are up to date, and their hardware is running at peak condition. Glitches in the processor, or slow response time online will decrease customer service quality, and affect how the owner can respond to the online community he/she is forming.

Next, make sure that interactions in person with the customer begin with a comment about reviews. Mention that they will be so impressed, the first thing they’ll do is tell a friend, or write a response online. Put the challenge in their minds, and then do everything to live up to it. Putting the idea into the consumer’s head is good only if the owner can live up to it, otherwise, they’ll go straight home to write one that is hardly in the owner’s favor.

During their experience, have a subtle, non-obtrusive reminder about that they should leave a review. Don’t verbally accost them with the suggestion, but keep quiet, positive reminders around to encourage reviewing. At this point, make sure to be specific how they should do it. Yelp? Foursquare? Nearby? Or simply a card at the door, or an email list? The possibilities are wide and varied, but make sure to pick one method and announce it. Remember that this day and age, online reviews can be done on someone’s phone right there in the business in seconds.

At the end of the transaction, ask for a review again when it’s fresh in their mind. On the way out the door, in a closing handshake, or tucked into the bill should solidify the idea that the patron should review the business ASAP. If a comment card is provided, add a small clause stating the review might be used for promotional or online purposes, as with any private online reviews that don’t post publicly.

Make sure the business’ online profiles are current and include pictures—if the profiles aren’t appealing for the customer, they will probably be overlooked. Even if in the place of business, an owner only references one website or reviewing outlet, they should ensure that reviews can easily be made on all major websites by creating fully-detailed profiles. Include a Google map, homepage link and/or contact via email and phone, and a picture of the storefront.

Finally, encourage reviews online. Personally posting unpublished reviews to a homepage or other website, as well as asking customers on Facebook and Yelp what they would improve or what they enjoyed the most about the business will really get people talking. hopes that these tips can increase business attention, and eventually revenue for the owner. It should be said this practice won’t guarantee terrific online reviews, but it will get people talking. If the owner is certain that they are presenting a good product, there is little need for worry. If bad reviews rear their ugly head, as they always tend to, listen with an open mind to the customer, and genuinely seek to improve what they see as a problem, and communicate with them openly that the effort is being put into it.

About Shiny Reputation: prides itself on offering tools and tips for improving negative reviews on sites such as Yelp as well as others. They offer free advice to owners, and advanced consultation to businesses affected by their online reputation.

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