G3 Awards Top 5 SEO Company “Listpipe” a Professional Innovation Recognition for Outperforming 97thFloor.com on Reputation Management Campaign

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G3 Development Corporate Officers are proud to announce that Listpipe is the runaway winner of its 2012 professionalism with SEO Award.

When it comes to SEO in 2012, clearly The Best of Utah is Listpipe.com.

G3 Development Corporate Officers (Draper, Utah) are proud to announce that Listpipe (http://www.ListPipe.com) is the runaway winner of its 2012 professionalism with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Award.  ListPipe provides a unique website for individual franchises, distributors and retailers.  Their distinct competitive advantage is that they post custom-written search engine optimized content on a regular schedule to help businesses connect with local customers on the Internet.  Every year G3 scours the internet to find the best of the best.  When it comes to SEO in 2012, clearly The Best of Utah is Listpipe.com.  They congratulate the owner of Listpipe, Cary Snowden, for standing apart from the competition and putting ethics first.  It’s refreshing when a company executive’s primary goals are in line with Goggle’s set parameters.

The top five “Utah SEO Company” candidates for G3 to evaluate were:

“As company president, it’s my responsibility to verify all the statistics and weigh out the impact that each of these competitive SEO companies had with their clients in 2012.  Although I was disappointed with several of the top 5 contenders questionable approach to SEO, their limited effectiveness, and ethics in the marketplace, I have to say (in general) that all of these top 5 SEO companies are worth looking at for your SEO business; choose wisely.  The most shocking personal discovery of mine was the value that clients receive from the high priced services that certain companies are charging; very disappointing.  I hope in 2013 that these top 5 professional companies will continue to strive to be more competitive and create a better value for their clientele.  My congratulations to Cary Snowden at Listpipe for this honor.”  - Adam Green


Listpipe Writes "Powerful Custom Content" Specific to the PARTICIPANT!
Listpipe localizes the participants content
Listpipe includes relevant keywords and optimized links
Listpipe Publishes the Content at the Right Frequency!
Appeals to search engines like Google
Search engines index the participants information sooner
Listpipe Creates and Manage the Tools For The Participant!
Listpipe provides the blog
Listpipe provides the hosting

As the new blog site begins to fill with content, and there is an established a web presence, search engines begin to notice, index, and list them in their results. This is often referred to as "Organic SEO". The more custom content one has, the higher the site climbs in search results. If the participant is new to blogging and web marketing, they understand. For the most part, they will take care of things for them. However if the participant would like to get involved, they have created easy-to-follow instructions and a cool video library to help them become more familiar with the new blog site. Listpipe will provide access to these resources once an account has been established.

Key Points:
SEO: ListPipe provides search engine optimized articles once each week to literally 'train' the search engines to index content more frequently. In addition, their articles are optimized with keywords and customized links that help search engines measure relevance and connectivity with related sites.

Localization: Localized searching is becoming more and more important as mobile devices and local networks leverage geo-tagging for prioritizing search results for consumers. Search engines now consider where the participants are and provide search results based on the location. Considering this, ListPipe provides geo-centric keyword optimization to help distinguish content and take advantage of localized searching.

Customization: Each article contains personalized content including names, contact information, and personal variables. In this way they provide customized content that has a unique profile, forcing search engines to consider each blog in the network as unique. Participants enjoy a customized experience and feel 'ownership' of the content, encouraging sharing and promotion.

Social Media: Each article published by ListPipe contains sharing badges for the leading social networks, making their customized content as easy to share as a single click. Participants who have Facebook, Delicious, Digg, MySpace or Twitter accounts can share their articles with their friends easily and quickly. Readers can also share the articles, making them even more extensive and valuable. Participants with an aggressive social media plan can share their blog content knowing that the links in each article will bring readers back to their respective Home page.

Compliance: Their articles are written by professionals, participants do not have to worry about compliance issues and enjoy a certain level of comfort in knowing that content that holds up to communication standards.

Synergy: Because they publish the same foundational article to each participant, the organization moves together as a whole with a common message and a consistent conversation. Group synergy can be achieved and synchronized for special events, new product releases, and special news stories, etc.

Blogging: Participants have the option to blog their own content. This exciting opportunity allows achievers to set themselves apart and to extend their reach with personal stories and experiences. ListPipe provides complete access to the blog and video training content designed to introduce participants to blogging.

Top Ten List – Why Work with Listpipe.com:
1. Fresh Content
Listpipe's Powerful Custom Content™ is posted to the participants blog each week, automatically. This helps their site appear fresh and new to the search engines, which give higher ranks to sites that frequently present new and relevant content.

2. Site Map
ListPipe participants who subscribe to their Powerful Custom Content™ are automatically added to their Site Map. This helps the search engines find and index their site faster.

3. Included Blog
Participants get an included blog and web hosting with each account. No additional payments are necessary.

4. Low Cost
Subscribing to their Powerful Custom Content™ is cost efficient. They research, write, optimize and post an article each week, all for one low cost. Cost effective and convenient, participants won't get this much value from other professional writers.

5. Full Control
The blog is the participants to use, and they encourage them to use it. Write their own posts, edit the articles they provide, or reject content the participants don't want; it’s all up to them.

6. Saves Time
The reason they created their SEO copy writing services is because they know how much time it can take to keep up with the search engines. That's why Listpipe does it for them. All the participant has to do is approve article and watch their search rank improve.

7. Higher Ranks
Listpipe builds proprietary optimizations into their ListPipe website that help increase each participant's ability to rise to the top for their market. All based on organic search strategies. Participants see great results and look more credible in the lists.

8. Training
Listpipe want the participant to start blogging on their own so much, they have built-in training to help them get started with their own posts when they have the time. They even have handy video training to show them how it's done.

9. Customization
Listpipe has provided a selection of custom headers for the participant to choose from. They choose the header they would like best, and then name the blog with a special subtitle, too.

10. Organic Search Optimization
Their Powerful Custom Content is researched and customized specifically for organic growth. This means that the longer they have it, the more value it provides to the search rank.

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