Infinite Answers Provides 5 Tips for Choosing Luxury When Selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning or Accounting System for Any Business

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What makes an ERP luxurious? It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention but Ron Bunn of 3B Dataservices completely disagrees.

Luxury is the mother of invention

Luxury is the mother of invention in an ERP system, not necessity. If a company needs an ERP, then there are lots of them out there. Simply pick one. Nothing new needs to be invented – necessity thus met. However, if one wants the best ERP, then one is definitely looking for something much better, something more luxurious.

1.    Aim for a high level of security, the highest available.

Select a server brand that has never been infected by a virus - nor could it ever be. And not because it has, or supports, the latest and greatest in virus protection software, but because smart operating system design simply makes it impossible for viruses to ever live on it. That way no time will ever be spent or wasted in worrying about virus protection.

While at it, for additional peace of mind, ensure that the server of choice has never been inadvertently intruded by a by a hacker, nor will it ever be.

The luxury of never having to be concerned about anyone’s personal and private information is a luxury everyone including customers and employees can, and will forever appreciate. It also saves countless hours of frustration.

2.     Look for simplicity. The simpler a data system is, the better it will serve everyone’s needs, regardless of what those needs might be.

Simple data capture screens and even simpler user processes combined with a mandate to ensure that the business is always recording everything that happens in the business for posterity sake (as opposed to servicing the tax man), the who, what, when and where of everything that happens, means owning the luxury of knowing that there is virtually nothing that cannot be reported on with respect to the business.

3.    Carefully consider the ease of expanding the business or changing direction if required.

The ERP of choice should not only meet all the corporate needs today but it must also meet any and all of all the needs which may pop up in the future, a future which could be very different from to-day. Choosing an ERP that allows easy addition of new modules without the expense and toil of integration services means that the proposed software investment will be in good standing for a very long time. In the unERP ERP environment, the more modules that are employed, the simpler things become.

4.    Look for new things in practicality and what those practical things offered could do for the business.

For example, when people are able to interact with the business information system through RAM centric database structures, using RAM centric user tools, it means instant access. There is no waiting to access the user tools or the information.

Another example of practicality: Virtually limitless transaction data storage of all transactions along with instant access is always practical because being able to find out what one needs to know when one needs to know it (to-day, not tomorrow), is what ERP systems should offer. When an answer cannot be found until tomorrow, tomorrows almost always never come.

5.    Make certain that the proposed investment in new software is not just the same old, same old showing up with a different name.

If the proposed new investment simply replaces old complexity with a renewed complexity, then nothing changes. However, If it places the company in a position of being able to almost effortlessly grow and expand business activity, doing it with minimal or no administrative and Information Technology cost increases, then that’s probably the luxury both users and management should be taking a genuine interest in.

3B Dataservices: A long time developer of business application software specializes in both unique as well as generic applications. iNfinite Answers, the ERP referred to as the unERP, rapidly flexes to meet the demands of both simple and diverse environments. Concept of design is based on one simple principle. Every company buys something. Every company sells something. That is commerce. It’s what is done between the two that makes the business unique. Please feel free to call 1-888-543-7633.

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