New Puffchat App is Snapchat for Text

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Serious question: Which would you prefer? For a record of your private chat conversations to be kept and potentially used against you, or for them to be instantly deleted upon receipt (Snapchat-style).

Puffchat's founder, Michael Suppo with his App

For Puffchat to appeal to the everyman, it had to work like an everyday appliance

A new mobile app, Puffchat is helping you answer that question.

The app allows users to send a text, which lasts for 1 to 20 seconds after it is opened. Once the timer reaches zero, the message self-destructs, and the evidence is gone permanently. In many ways, it’s just like Snapchat but primarily with text as well as photos.

“Disappearing content has become a fascinating trend but not everyone gets it. Therefore, for Puffchat to appeal to the everyman, it had to work like an everyday appliance,” said founder Michael Suppo. “Plus, the design had to be so gorgeous that you wanted to lick it.”

The name of the app is to reflect the action that the text disappears into a puff of smoke after the recipient has read it. It has a multiple range of uses centered on confidentiality, from sending messages to potential lovers, to relaying office gossip to a colleague.

Puffchat was initially launched on Android at the end of November. As of New Year's Day, the app has been made available on iPhone and Suppo anticipates the current number of users to double in the next week.

“We're pretty happy with the amount of people that have been using it so far and the feedback they have given,” he said. “The nature of the app is that each user’s experience improves if they can get their friends to join it.”

When a person registers to join Puffchat, an email address is required. This means users' phone numbers are not open to hackers.

According to the founder, Puffchat’s future updates will concentrate on greater ease of use and “We want to strip away functions rather than add them. We want users to be consistently surprised with it's simplicity so that this medium can eventually replace traditional text messaging”.

Puffchat is free to download on the iPhone and Android.

About Puffchat
Launched in November, Puffchat is a mobile application that allows teens and adults to send messages which disappear after a quick glimpse. Puffchat was founded by Michael Suppo who studied Law in Oxford and worked as a Senior Manager for a tech company before creating his own websites and apps.

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