New Hi-Visibility Absorbent Mats and Rolls from Supply Line Direct Step Up Warning at Spill Sites

Bright yellow absorbent mats with caution imprint go to work quickly to wick up spills and caution visitors, customers and employees of slip-and-fall hazards. The mats and rolls are spill response must-haves for any business or public facility where high pedestrian traffic and potential for spills create high risks for accidents, injuries and law suits.

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Hi-vis absorbent pads from Supply Line Direct

Hi-vis absorbent pads add caution warning to spill response.

Hi-vis mats and rolls are safety must-haves where pedestrian traffic and spills create high risks for accidents, injuries and lawsuits.

Irving, TX (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

Two quick actions help prevent slips and falls when spills happen in public areas. First is immediate containment and clean up of the spill. And, second is clear marking of the spill site so passersby avoid the slippery hazards. A new line of high-visibility caution absorbents, just introduced by SPC Brady, does both, combining pick up power with a warning message.

The mats and rolls are spill response must-haves for any business or public facility where high pedestrian traffic and potential for spills create high risks for accidents, injuries and law suits. Schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, airports and transportation centers, office buildings, food courts and service centers are ideal users of the hi-vis pads.

Falls are a leading cause of injuries in the United States, accounting for approximately 8.9 million visits to emergency rooms annually, according to National Safety Council Injury Facts 2011. Employee slip-and-fall accidents cost a staggering $70 billion dollars annually in compensation and medical costs, according to another National Safety Council report. Weighing the economic impact of lawsuits and settlements in retail and public facilities related to fall accidents, many businesses make fall prevention a top safety priority.

Slips and falls can be prevented in any facility with quick response, the right spill absorbents and caution signs that re-route traffic around spills. The new hi-vis absorbents from Supply Line Direct give users a more effective spill response tool than a caution sign or cone alone, and go to work immediately to solve the problem. Taking the design of a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign and converging it with a heavy-duty absorbent, the hi-vis products can help prevent passersby from slipping, falling, or injuring themselves. Black and red caution messages repeat across the mats and rolls to warn people of spills.

While the mats and rolls can absorb potentially hazardous materials such as acids, bases, oils, chemicals, and solvents, they also wick up spilled salad dressing, cleaning chemicals, petroleum, and soft drinks.

The hi-vis absorbents are available in five options. Mats are 15” x 19” and manufactured in both heavyweight and lightweight configuration. Medium-weight rolls are available in three sizes: 15”W x 150’L, 30”W X 150’L and 30”W X 300’L. In addition, a conveniently-sized 12” X 12” heavyweight yellow universal pad—no safety imprint—is available in packs of 50 or 200. The small pads are excellent for cleaning carts, workbench, or behind the counter in retail settings.

All Hi-Vis Universal Absorbents are available now on the Supply Line Direct online, Supply Line Direct sells a full line of universal absorbent mats and pads, oil-only absorbents and HazMat response absorbents.

Contact Supply Line Direct at 2727 Chemsearch Blvd., Irving, TX 75062, by phone at 800-331-6260, or via the website at

ABOUT SUPPLY LINE DIRECT: Supply Line Direct, LLC is a privately held online safety equipment and maintenance supply company based in Irving, TX. Supply Line Direct sells major brands of safety supplies, personal protection equipment, first aid, spill response, janitorial supplies, and shop and warehouse equipment throughout the United States.