ChAtTacks: A New Social Networking Platform for Getting Organized and Refining Communication

A new website for consolidating all of your useful chat messages, email folder content, sticky notes, notepads and even save information in categories such as: work notes, vacation planning, medical information, grocery 'n things, favorite music, must see movies and more.

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New Social Networking Platform

ChAtTacks: New Social Networking Platform

Like many great websites, ChAtTacks was created to solve a need: organize information.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Wouldn’t it be great to consolidate all of your important messages under one roof on one social networking platform - including Facebook and Twitter messages, important Google and Skype chats, memorable Pinterest pins, and unforgettable YouTube videos in a single website that makes organizing and accessing the information a breeze? Web users will have the opportunity to use ChAtTacks, a website to redefine how people organize information from the web and other sources.

Like many great websites, ChAtTacks was created to solve a need: organize information from disparate sources using a single web resource, so users needn’t repeatedly revisit the original locations of the information. Over time, most web users acquire a body of important data that’s spread across multiple websites and multiple email addresses. ChAtTacks lets them glean this information from the sites and email folders and store it at a single location that they manage and control with the help of a user-friendly interface.

Awesome Organization

ChAtTacks eliminates the need to toggle between programs, email folders, websites and even sticky notes or notepads to revisit and remember information. Instead of enduring a disorganized information gathering experience, users leverage the website to store their important information by creating tack pages in their account. Currently, there are dozens of tack page categories and tack page photos for each category. Users can choose from with subsections for videos, music, documents, photos, events, info, and more. If you have information to store, ChAtTacks has a place for you to store it.

If users have a desire to post in a home activity feed -- similar to their other social networking accounts, ChAtTacks has a place for that as well. But, "not so fast" says the ChAtTacks Founder Jeff Knize.

Jeff was quoted as saying:

"We are committed to keeping things different then any other social platform and we want to keep the user experience focused in the recommended tack categories. Generic posts not pertaining to the suggested tack categories and that have promotional links are frowned upon. Tack category content keeps the flow of content intact and precise".

Intuitive User Experience

ChAtTacks features ultra simple web design and site navigation, plus a generous FAQ section that tells users how to view and edit their profile, add a tack page, create a tack post, learn how to use ChAtTacks mobile, view the activity feed section, make a suggestion to help the tacker community, and the ChAtTacks Blog offers more topics. After learning to use the website, users become members of a growing community that shares various types of information they choose to mark “public”.

A Different Social Experience

Long time users of social websites often mention the vapidity of the information communicated on the sites. While everyone’s definition of important or stimulating information is a bit different, many social site are often used to float the most banal information. This is the antithesis of what ChAtTacks is about. When you become a member, you encounter information that is meaningful to the tacker and interesting to other tackers.

Social media websites that have a porous identity undergo a user-based evolution over time. The tenor of shared information changes, new styles of communication become acceptable, and people grow weary of what was once a different website. By contrast, ChAtTacks is created to accomplish a specific goal -- consolidate important data in a single website -- a goal that defines the scope of what users of the website add to their tack pages and choose to share with others.

ChAtTacks is the only social media website that is truly geared around a private user experience. For people who feel that websites can be like crowded fairgrounds where anything goes, ChAtTacks will offer a welcome change.

Join for free or for more information, visit

ChAtTacks, Inc.
Two Prudential Plaza
180 N. Stetson, Suite 3500
Chicago, IL 60601


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To Do List Category "To Do List"

Save your stick notes in your ChAtTacks To Do List category & eliminate sticky notes forever!

Weight Loss Category Weight Loss Tack Page

Save weight loss information in ChAtTacks Weight Loss category.

Hobbies Category Hobbies Tack Page

What are your hobbies? Save the notes for your hobbies in your ChAtTacks Hobbies Category

Vacation Planning Category Vacation Planning Tack Page

Save your vacation planning information / dates.

Wish List Category Wish List Tack Page

What is on your wish list?

Work Notes Category Work Notes Tack Page

Save your important work notes.

Pets/Animals Category Pets/Animals Tack Page

Save information about your family pets.

Social Media Category Social Media Tack Page

Save social media information.

My Medical Category My Medical Tack Page

Save medical information - blood pressure levels, doctor appointment notes...

Sports Category Sports Tack Page

Save favorite sports players, team information, stats, general notes.

Favorite Books Category Favorite Books Tack Page

Save your favorite books in ChAtTacks Favorite Books Category

School Projects Category School Projects Tack Page

Save school project notes.

New Years Resolutions Category New Years Resolutions Tack Page

Save your new years resolution notes...

Websites to Remember Category Websites to Remember Tack Page

Save all of your websites you would like to remember.

Vacation Planning Category Vacation Planning Tack Page

Save your vacation planning information / dates.

Other Category Other Tack Page (you choose)

Choose "other" category of your choice.

Home Category Home Tack Page

Save your home info. in ChAtTacks Home Category

Fitness Notes Category Fitness Tack Page

Save your fitness notes in ChAtTacks Fitness Category

Must See Movies Category Must See Movies Tack Page

Save your must see movies in ChAtTacks Must See Movies Category.

Food & Wine Category Foods/Wine Tack Page

Save your favorite foods, wine, restaurants in ChAtTacks Foods/Wine Category

Goals Category Goals Tack Page

Save your goals in ChAtTacks Goals Category

Honey To Do List Category Hony To Do List Tack Page

Save your honey to do list in ChAtTacks Honey To Do List Category

Childhood Memories Category Childhood Memories Tack Page

Save your childhood memories in ChAtTacks Childhood Memories Category

Car Enthusiast Tack Page Car Enthusiast Tack Page

Save your Car topics in ChAtTacks Car Enthusiast Category

Favorite Movies Category Favorite Movies Tack Page

Save your favorite movies in your ChAtTacks Favorite Movies Category

Grocery 'n Things Category Grocery 'n Things Tack Page

Write your list in your ChAtTacks Grocery 'n Things Category

Bucket List Category Going Green Tack Page

Save your going green ideas and notes in your ChAtTacks Going Green Category

ChAtTacks Mobile View ChAtTacks Mobile View

Use ChAtTacks Mobile View on the GO.

Chat Messages Category Chat Messages Tack Page

Save your chat messages in ChAtTacks Chat Message Category

Pets & Animals Tack Page Category Pets & Animals Tack Page

Say something interesting about your family pet...

Bucket List Tack Page Bucket List Tack Page

What is on your Bucket List - go skydiving, go to Disney Land, go in better shape then you were in High School?