Symbolist Continues to Grow – Adds New Staff In Dallas Office

Betsy Nichols joins the Symbolist client support and development team to answer continued strong business growth and new client business requirements.

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According to Chad Truby – VP at Symbolist – “Our message and our approach is really resonating with clients driving our business growth which in turn means we need to add to our team. I am looking forward to the positive impact Betsy will have."

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Owing to continued growth in the employee engagement and recognition business at Symbolist, Betsy Nichols has joined Symbolist as a top-level employee to support current and future client efforts to engage and reward employees. Betsy joins Symbolist as an Employee Engagement Architect focused on new business support and helping existing clients expand and enhance their current employee engagement efforts.

In addition to reward and recognition program design, Betsy will be leveraging the work she put into her Master’s degree to help develop curriculum to train individuals and teams for lasting change.

“Work is such a big part of most people’s lives I think it is critically important to make that time really matter and help companies enhance that portion of their employee’s lives.” Said Nichols. “I know that Symbolist has the tools and the internal support team that can help me really make a different and help companies become better places to be. How can you not be excited to get up and go to work each day when you know you can have that kind of impact?”

Betsy will be working with some of the Symbolists existing clients to help expand their current programs from simple “service anniversary” programs to full-service employee engagement activities such as Peer2Peer recognition, management training and performance recognition. In addition, she will be looking for new clients that can benefit from Symbolist’s unique approach to humanizing employee engagement efforts that build a more emotional connection to the company brand.

According to Chad Truby – Vice President at Symbolist – “Our message and our approach is really resonating with clients driving our business growth which in turn means we need to add to our team. I am looking forward to seeing even greater client program impact with the addition of Betsy’s expertise and her efforts.”

Betsy’s full bio can be found on the company website under the “Leadership” tab and she will also be adding her voice regularly to the Symbolist blog and thought leadership initiatives.

About Symbolist:

We positively impact employee and brand engagement through the application of thought leadership, deep knowledge of what drives human behavior and best-in-class technologies. We do this by connecting your audience emotionally to your brand values and your company mission. Through expertly designed incentive, recognition and reward initiatives we create a sustainable personal connection to the people that drive your business success.

We make your workplace a better place to be.

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Symbolist Continues To Grow - Add New Staff Symbolist Continues To Grow - Add New Staff

Due to increased business Symbolist adds new staff in Dallas office.