A New Implant Could Change How Drug Addicts Overcome Drug Addiction

Harbor Village Florida comments on a new effective method of treating drug abuse which lowers the likelihood of relapse.

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Naltrexone implant could greatly reduce relapse

Naltrexone implant could greatly reduce relapse

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

As ported by NBC Los Angeles (6/23), an implant given to alcohol and drug addicts could be the answer in treating painful withdrawals, and most importantly, could lower the rate of people relapsing from drugs. According to Growing Pains star, Jeremy Miller, and long-time alcoholic, the implant was able to bring stability back. At its worst, Jeremy was having four to five drinks a day. However, the implant, which is a form of the drug Naltrexone, reduced his cravings making him more likely to fight relapse. Lastly, the surgery takes about 20 minutes from beginning to finish, and once it is implanted in the abdomen it dissolves and medication is release through the body from six to eight months.

Drug and alcohol abuse is no laughing matter. It can effect anyone from any background or gender. That is why Harbor Village Detox, a luxury detox facility in Florida, is determined to treat the problem at its source with qualified, friendly staff.

The mission state of Harbor Village is to assist people from all walks of life with their addictions. Over the last year, the friendly and relaxing environment of Harbor Village has helped make positive impacts in their lives. For the years to come, they hope to continue to help others see the light in their lives. Those who are looking for a safe, supervised, and peaceful detox process can get everything they are looking for and more at Harbor Village. Here, the goal is to help every client be happy, healthy, and ready to move on to the next step of his or her life.

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