New Universe Paradigm May Be Linked to Millennium Math Problem

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New Study Suggests the P Versus NP Problem May be Related to the Subjective Universe Paradigm according to KoreaTech Professor Daegene Song

In the paper that was recently put in the arXiv repository (a communication website for researchers in math, physics, and computer science), Daegene Song, an assistant professor at the Korea University of Technology and Education, explained that there may be a relationship between the subjective universe paradigm and the P versus NP problem, one of the seven millennium math problems presented by the Clay Institute in 2000.

The P versus NP problem asks whether (polynomial time) deterministic computation (P) and non-deterministic computation (NP) are equal. In his paper, Dr. Song explains that when this math problem is approached from a physics perspective, the natural phenomenon of self-observing consciousness (NP) cannot be computed by any computers (P), which in fact may help to resolve this well-known problem.

For around 2,000 years (a time period that includes both the geocentric and heliocentric models), science had been developing based on the objective universe paradigm; that is, it is seeking after objective truth and existence. However, Dr. Song has tried to illustrate that the observer and the observed cannot be separated. That is, subjective experience is not only the ultimate limit of science, but also is the existence itself. In fact, Dr. Song argues that based on quantum information science, the observer observing his own reference frame in consciousness is the critical evidence of this subjective existence.

Using this approach to tackle the P versus NP problem, Dr. Song has argued that the non-deterministic computation of NP should correspond to the physical process where the observer is observing himself and that this particular NP process cannot be computed by any computer (i.e., P) that is built based on the description of separation between the observer and the object.

D. Song, The P versus NP problem in quantum physics,

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