Drew Brees Aiming for a Long Career with the NFL, Disability Lawyer to the Pros, Frank N. Darras Talks Disability Insurance

When considering disability insurance coverage, professional athletes should always have a top expert review the policy before signing, suggests Darras.

Ontario, CA (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

According to NFL.com, Drew Brees’ contract with the Saints expires in 2016 but he shows no signs of slowing down. He is eager to play until age 45 and looks at players like Brett Favre for inspiration and motivation. Brees has continued to show his dedication to the sport and as long as he stays passionate about his career, he will play on (Saints QB Drew Brees wants to play until he's 45, NFL.com, July 25, 2014).

“Brees’ contract with the Saints will expire in 2016, but he will likely sign a contract that guarantees he will retire with the Saints since he has maintained an elite level. If he fulfills his desire to play until age 45, he may threaten to break the records for passing yards and touchdown passes. He currently ranks fifth and fourth all-time in those respective categories,” (Drew Brees says he wants to play until age 45: Fanatix Sports News, July 25, 2014).

As long as Brees continues on the same path he is currently on, he has a great decade of football ahead of him. However, as he ages, Brees will need to take special care with both his training and his disability insurance policy. Both are in place for his protection in the years to come.

“I admire Brees for his passion and charging after his dreams,” states Frank N. Darras, America’s leading disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “As long as he enjoys playing the game, he should definitely stay on his current course. Football is a tough sport both physically and mentally but I’m sure Brees will meet this challenge head on. His continued well-being is extremely important to his career so I just hope he has a disability insurance policy there to catch him if he falls.”

When first purchasing a disability insurance policy, an insurance agent will be an extremely valuable asset to have. They can help athletes like Brees decide how much to buy and how long the policy should last based on certain considerations including their salary and lifestyle, among others (Saints' Jairus Byrd practices, ESPN NFL, July 29, 2014).

“Insurance agents are a man’s best friend when it comes to reviewing or purchasing disability insurance policies. Insurance can be challenging on the best of days so don’t take any of this on yourself. Athletes should always be thinking of what will happen if they get injured. Thinking ahead and protecting themselves and their families with a bullet proof disability insurance policy will keep these athletes on the path to success,” says Darras.