Brian Zulberti, Esq. Announces "Boston Tea Party Part Deux"

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Controversial Delaware Attorney Brian Zulberti, Esq. Has Announced That His Next Major Media Event Will Be A Major Act of Civil Disobedience. Zulberti Hasn't Given A Specific Date Or Time, But Promises The Event Will Take Place This Year At The Boston Harbor.

Brian Zulberti, Esq. Announces "Boston Tea Party Part Deux"

This will be the most important civil rights battle of our country's future. Life as we know it depends on whether we adapt the law to the future. This issue is my passion and this fight is my destiny.

Brian Zulberti Esq. Announces "Boston Tea Party Part Deux"

Brian Zulberti, Esq. is back in the headlines... again. This time Zulberti's target appears to be Boston for an event he calls "the second coming of the Boston Tea Party." The controversial Zulberti has kept the details of this event close to the vest, saying "that only [himself] and a few trusted staff members currently know the details," but he said the media event will be "a major act of civil disobedience" that "will probably end in his arrest. " He has assured fans, supporters, and critics alike that there is "absolutely no threat that any violence or harm will come to anyone" because "this will constitute a major act of civil disobedience, not a violent uprising."

Since his internationally-covered Hunger Strike, covered in every state and in over ten nations overseas, controversial "civil rights advocate" Brian Zulberti, Esq. has been relatively quiet. Zulberti strongly advocates the passage of federal and state laws that impose a strict separation between our social lives and our professional lives. Zulberti is an attorney from Delaware who strongly advocates the passage of federal and state laws that impose a strict separation between our social lives and our professional lives. He is especially concerned with social media firings. He claims many of them are unconstitutional and says that they constitute one of the first steps down a slippery slope, aided by the increase of technology, that won't end until privacy no longer exists and we all live in an "Orwellian hell."

While Zulberti's "social media campaign," as he calls it, began as a rather loose collection of concepts and controversial statements, he has since designed a website on which he's published over 70 articles this year alone. The website includes a page that explains the specific philosophy behind his social media campaign, multiple videos, and additional literature. Earlier this year, Zulberti began a fifty state social media tour and pledged to bring his message to every state in the nation. His website includes an interactive map of the United States. Viewers can click on each state he visits and see videos, pictures, and articles he has published from that state. The focus is usually on a particular social media firing from that state that he found particularly unjust. At the present time Zulberti has visited over twenty states, and every state is fully documented on his website.

Zulberti first announced his personal Boston Tea Party on a YouTube video that he recorded live from the Boston Harbor during his Massachusetts social media campaign and later placed on his personal Facebook page and his Facebook Fan Page. Zulberti claims to have already received "hundreds" of inquiries about the specifics of the event. He added that he cannot give a specific time, date, or location (other than Boston Harbor) because he expects to generate "a whole [explicative] boatload of publicity over this event" and "doesn't want to show up and have reporters and the police sitting there waiting. Basically, you're going to have to get a 'Wait And See'."

Zulberti has always been one to use shock value to his advantage and has repeatedly said that he's willing to do "pretty much anything" to bring media attention to what he calls "the most important social issue of any of our lives." In this instance, he already has drawn criticism for "once again disgracing his profession" by being a lawyer openly willing to break the law. Zulberti counters that desperate times call for desperate measures and draws parallels between himself and the Sons Of Liberty who orchestrated the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773. When he was called a "shameless self promoter" and "an attention whore" on social media, Zulberti responded, "Yes, that is exactly what I'm doing. I've used nudity to advance my message, then a Hunger Strike and my potential death, and now civil disobedience. And I have six or seven more ideas in the wings. You haven't seen anything yet."

Depending on who you ask, Zulberti has established himself as one of the most famous, or notorious, attorneys in America. He first achieved notoriety after unconventionally sending out "sexy" photographs of himself along with a E-mail soliciting employment from every single attorney in Delaware. The fluff story went viral, and Zulberti found himself getting major media coverage in over 20 nations and in 15 languages. Instead of trying to recover or "save face" from what most considered a truly embarrassing incident, Zulberti instead exhibited a deft hand at repeatedly returning to the headlines.

Just a few months after his story went viral, Zulberti released adult photographs on his personal website including photographs with full frontal nudity and provocative captions urging Americans to realize that "sex isn't unprofessional, but beautiful." He added that the fact he was willing to "take off his briefs" didn't "affect the fact he was capable of writing a [explicative] good legal brief." Within a few weeks, Zulberti's adult photographs had racked up close to 100,000 hits and the story was picked up on "Above The Law," "Jezebel," and other blogs and websites around the globe.

Before this, Zulberti's latest press came this June during a Hunger Strike in Washington, D.C. During Zulberti's Hunger Strike, he camped out for approximately six days outside the Supreme Court of the United States of America without consuming anything other than water and the occasional black coffee. He claimed he would remain outside the Supreme Court until "Coverage or Death." Zulberti was asking for 90 seconds of prime time airtime on a national television network to personally warn the nation about the dangers of social media firings. On the seventh day, Zulberti collapsed outside of the Supreme Court and was rushed by ambulance to Howard University Hospital's emergency room where he was treated for dangerously low blood sugar, severe hydration, and possible heart damage.

Zulberti never received the level of national press he was seeking, but he made national television on Fox Business Network's "Cavuto," appeared in the Washington Post, had an article published in "Politico," and appeared in over 50 independent news sources both here in the United States and abroad.

Zulberti's critics are quick to point out that he still doesn't have a job in a law firm and that the only thing he has demonstrated so far is how to ruin a promising career. Instead, Zulberti has begun his own small website design business, named Design Fiends, L.L.C. He claims he received offers for legal employment but that he turned them down, but has not demonstrated proof of such offers. Regardless of how anyone feels, Zulberti has demonstrated an uncanny ability to elicit strong emotional reactions, may of which he admits are negative, from Americans. He explained that, "The negative reactions I continue to get are proof to me that I am on to something. I'm clearly bringing attention to the future and some uncomfortable truths about where we are headed as a society." He also points out that lots of bloggers and news figures have been vocal in their opposition of his social media campaign but none have agreed to debate him on television, on the radio, or anywhere else.

All of the referenced news coverage and a sampling of about a hundred more of his media features, a mixture of both national and international, can be found on the "in The News" section of his personal website. This page includes everything from his national television appearances to local appearances to both national and international newspaper articles.

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