Ben Favier Launches "How To Obtain Sales Appointments With Executives" Report

Proven steps to land the initial sales appointment with high level decision makers.

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Saint Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

IT Marketing and Sales Professional and writer Ben Favier recently launched a new IT sales lead generation report titled "How To Obtain Sales Appointments With Executives". The report was launched on August 13, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Favier gives useful real world and practical IT sales lead generation strategies to his readers who want to create more IT leads and close more deals in their business or profession.

Ben Favier has consolidated this book using ideas he took from his years of experience creating IT sales leads. His results and motivation have earned him a long list of satisfied corporate clients, co-workers, and employers.

In his new book, How To Obtain Sales Appointments With Executives, Favier talks about how to gain the attention of the Executives, earn the Executives time, and how to build rapport with the Executives and their Assistants in order to gain equal business stature which all results in obtaining more sales appointments with the Executives. This book is not only for big conglomerates, but for small and medium enterprises, individual Sales and Marketing professionals and the service industry as well. “This book holds value for everyone in an IT sales or IT marketing role from the President of Sales, Chief Marketing Officer, to the Field Sales Representative and even to the front line Telemarketer.” says Ben Favier.

The book is garnering praise and positive reviews from a lot of corporate and industry leaders. The VP of Strategic Alliances and former VP of Sales and Business Development of a Fortune 500 company recently reviewed the book and acknowledged that “This approach will work to obtain sales appointments with Executives.”

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How to Obtain Sales Appointments with Executives. How to Obtain Sales Appointments with Executives.

Proven steps to land the initial sales appointment with key decision makers.