Newly Launched Ultimate Karma App Elicits Happiness in Players and Encourages Moral Values

Karma Web Group, LLC announces the launch of their Ultimate Karma app to help parents teach children that good daily choices can make a well-lived life. Putting moral choices front and center, the app allows players of all ages to be the hero of their own life by helping someone else’s.

Malden, MA (PRWEB) August 31, 2014

In a world where a typical response to conflict is the ‘dog eat dog’ approach, Karma Web Group, LLC launches a game app to teach another way. Launched in both iOS and Android the newly launched Ultimate Karma app is a colorful way to encourage moral values playfully. Continually rewarded with new levels of play, the game pulls double-duty by teaching players new ways to find happiness and peace at the same time.

Designed to reward gamers for consistently taking the high road, the Ultimate Karma game app includes 24 levels to play. Played for free, Level One gives players three challenges. The first three challenges are focused on finding a way to live the good life, help the poor, and love one’s parents. The result of Level One is the player’s new knowledge that helping the poor actually makes one rich and loving parents makes them want to pass the blessing right back in spades.

Retailing for $2.99 Level Two includes 21 more challenges that teach players the importance of staying away from harmful drinking, smoking, stealing and gambling. The Ultimate Karma app then encourages gentle speech, a healthy work life, and the type of humility that helps bring world peace. With lessons in honesty and faithfulness the Ultimate Karma game is played out with fun-filled intention.

Tenzing Sherpa, president of Karma Web Group, LLC said of the moral-building app, “We want players of all ages, but especially children, to see the value in unselfishly putting others first. We feel a fun app with these messages will get our mission across in a way that’s both uncommon and impactful. This brings true happiness to everyone concerned.”

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Karma Web Group, LLC is a web design company based in Malden, Massachusetts that was founded by Tenzing Sherpa. The web group celebrates the launch of an educational game app that encourages players to make moral choices and thereby increase their state of happiness and peace.


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