What it Takes to Make an Online Video Viral: Takeaways from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Viral Phenomenon and the Stellar Strategies of Videorank.guru

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In light of the recent success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral phenomenon that has impelled millions of dollars in donations for the ALS Association, Videorank.guru analyzes why it worked and what it takes to make a video go viral

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Videorank.guru by Vitarank clears the cloud and delineates how the exponential growth of videos found in YouTube and the entire web world has made online videos a significant factor for companies and organizations.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral phenomenon that has impelled millions of dollars in donations for the ALS Association, is definitely a good example of a genius’ stroke. With celebrities and known personalities latching on to the cause inevitably hastening the spread of the challenge and making the “concept” viral, that 2.4 million videos all related to this Ice Bucket Challenge, reaching almost every country in the world, is expected to grow...one couldn’t imagine its influence.

Is there an exact formula for videos to become viral? Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge viral phenomenon a product of pure luck or simply an ingenious result of pure brilliance? Some experts like Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, one of the 10 most influential management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50 in the recent years, believes that viral videos are a combination of art and science. “The science behind making a video "go viral" involves creating content that's likely to be shared, using new distribution techniques and social tactics to increase sharing, and optimizing content in response to sharing patterns. Videos that get shared have three main psychological motivators: emotion, identity, and information.”

Emotion. Identity. Information.

Videorank.guru believes that the overwhelming success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge can be attributed to these three elements: emotion, identity, information. Videos related to the challenge are created out of emotions. The goal to spread awareness about this debilitating neurological disorder (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) is something that has captured human emotions. For a video to go viral, it must be worth sharing. And when we say it is share-able, it means people would be sharing not just the content, but also the “feeling” the video has created. The Ice Bucket Challenge video performed and uploaded by Anthony Carbajal (who is going through a tough time dealing with ALS along with his family members), reflects how an informational video, tinged with humor, and tapping into people’s individuality, morphs into an experimental practice to an instituted, quantifiable marketing strategy that is sure to deliver results.

Perplexing Paradox, Changing Dynamics

While there’s a science behind why people talk and share certain videos, the world of online video but creates a baffling irony for video professionals. Videorank.guru by Vitarank, a world leader in dominating niche on YouTube via the creation of hundreds of optimized videos (one for each of the best longtail keywords), clears the cloud and delineates how the exponential growth of videos found in YouTube and the entire web world has made online videos a significant factor for companies and organizations.

In this informational video, Videorank.guru shows how online videos have become a noteworthy way of communication in today’s world. While quality content is often seen as a primary builder for YouTube subscribers and online followers (all geared towards promoting a company’s or an organization’s message), other implausible opportunities and important elements advantageous in creating online content to chase that sometimes “unreal” notion about the real score in making videos viral, are being overlooked. What are those?

Videorank.guru deems catching the attention of the online audience and shaping a community around a company’s or a group’s content more valuable in the long run. The production of ingenious online videos that develops an organization’s mission and informatively promotes a certain product or service has more intrinsic value beyond the possibility of making the video viral. This strategy augments the reach and the viewers which eventually builds a community facilitating the potential of a video to go viral.

The viral success of any online video has several components with certain chief areas to look at: what defines a viral video, what are the creative factors, what is the role of emotions that is making the video viral, how does experiential and logical processing of emotions drive action from the audience, how an online video gets forwarded, how seeding online networks and communities with content affect the “virality” of a certain video, how opinion makers and bloggers become “engaged” in the process, and how crowdsourcing becomes a participatory interaction and user-generated content adds value to help videos become viral.

The Main Point = Stellar Online Video Strategies

Indeed, the demand for online videos is expected to grow more with the way the world’s technological milieu has created more bandwidth and access to internet videos. What is equally important in creating online videos, apart from potentially making them viral, is to make the video content genuine..something that connects emotionally with the audience and something that builds a seed audience for the company or organization as linked to their videos. While some videos like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge inevitably becomes a viral phenomenon without so much of a need for seed network or a mechanism that might take some time to build, with the use of stellar online video strategies like those employed by Videorank.guru, companies and organizations can eventually build an online community around their well-developed online video content whose messages will be relatively shared into diverse networks in the online world.

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