Red, White & Blue Colors Fly High in Brown Books' New Civil War Themed Novel Just in Time for the Fourth of July

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Lottie Guttry Celebrates the Strength and Struggles of Families United in the Midst of War

Alligator Creek by Lottie Guttry (Brown Books Publishing Group)

Guttry’s tale of fathers who leave for war and women who man the house acts as a reminder to American citizens on the Fourth of July to remember their nation’s past and to celebrate it with open hearts.

This year, America will celebrate the 240th anniversary of its independence with lots of Fourth of July merriment, fireworks and parties, but Independence Day 1865 – nearly 100 years after the birth of the nation – was significant for another reason. It was the first time since the start of the Civil War that the holiday began without Americans in the trenches trying to stem an onslaught of other Americans on the enemy side.

Author Lottie Guttry celebrates this period in American history in her new historical fiction Alligator Creek (Brown Books Publishing Group). “Not only did I study battle plans and historical events in the Civil War Period,” says Guttry, “I discovered what they ate, what their houses looked like, what they wore, what their opinions were, what their customs were, what words they used then that we no longer use now, what words we do use now that they did not use then.”

Based on a true family story and Civil War history, Alligator Creek presents strong characters, who survived the unique and difficult time of the American Civil War. The central characters in the book, Sarah and Alexander Browning, actually lived in Lake City, Florida, during the 1860’s, and Alexander’s recorded military service includes many of the most famous battles between generals Grant and Lee.

“A year and a half of battles – Second Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville – had taught Alex a hard lesson: kill or be killed. The first time he took aim at a man, his hands on the gun shook like a flag in the wind – pure luck another soldier’s bullet hit true,” Guttry writes in her book, Alligator Creek. “Now, he could take a bead on a Bluecoat and squeeze off a round, cool and steady.”

The men and women who continue today to risk their lives to defend their country year after year are larger-than-life inspirations for the people back home who are protected from danger by the soldiers’ selfless service. Guttry’s tale of fathers who leave for war and women who man the house acts as a reminder to American citizens on the Fourth of July to remember their nation’s past and to celebrate it with open hearts.

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