G.O.P, Trump Ridiculed by Withering Artwork

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G.O.P. and Donald Trump continues to get ridiculed by artist A. R. Snyder of Fort Collins, Colorado, with new controversial artwork.

America's Superego

America's Superego

Artist A. R. Snyder continues his American political assemblage series with several new pieces deriding the G.O.P. and its candidate, a series which he began in 2000. As the 2016 political season started with the Republican Party (G.O.P.) primaries, he created Lipstick on a Pig, portraying various Republican politicians from Joe McCarthy to Gingrich, Palin, Huckabee, Jindal and Trump himself, adorning the flanks of an artificial lipsticked pig with the politicians also in lipstick. The flag rising from that piece shouts "Godly Obdurate Plutocratic," reflecting his perception of "the devolving party" at that time. Toward the end of the political season he constructed America’s Super Ego, i.e. Trump, in which a banner now screams "Grubby Obscene Porcine," the Party’s icon having morphed from the noble elephant to the pig “not to demean Babe and friends.” The piece portrays Trumpian images on banners describing the role of a superego, held aloft by multi-colored mannequins, resting on a mason jar in which the American eagle is “sadly crammed in surreal and shabby surroundings." The banners in part proclaim: “Were we to meet the superego as a figure socially, this accusatory character, this internal critic, we would think there was something wrong with him. He would just be boring and cruel. We might think that something terrible had happened to him, that he was living in the aftermath of the fallout of some catastrophe, and we would be right,” the words of the brilliant author and Freudian analyst Adam Phillips.

The series culminates with Grob Kerizma (Dirty Charisma), a pastiche of images portraying a surreal alternative Trumpian world above “a newly-discovered prose poem”: ”Der Rat des alten Papi fu̎r den kleinen Donald Drumpf,” given to a youthful Donald, “already showing signs of who he would become.”

The advice of old Papi, “no Polonius” given to the callow Trump begins: “You will never know sustained thought or self-knowledge or curiosity or concern…” Through 30 stanzas its outlook for Little Donald intones: “Your weapons will be the con, the lie, the tantrum, the scheme, the stall, the dodge, the bluff, the evasion, the bait and switch, innuendo, bluster and plain-faced rage. Never admit fault or blame, or apologize, simply declare victory; most people will never suspect anyone could make this Scheisse up. Fashion and burnish a forbidding mask with furrowed brow, narrowed reptilian eyes in a mottled, florid face, and a downturned mouth over a killer’s unforgiving chin, coquettishly poised to condemn or dismiss. Never agonize over women’s wants or destinies. Though never cheap, pussy has always been the acknowledged badge and reward for manly success. Whatever Herr Juden Doktor Freud might say, women are absolutely central to you and in the end they will surely be the sovereign end of you. You can never be too outrageous, insulting, shallow, small-minded, gauche, vulgar, or boorish as you broadcast absolutes and superlative nonsense, making a mockery of language and meaning. Require loyalty but never give it. Truth, feeling, character, humility, justice, fair play, intellectual courage, gentleness, empathy are mere diversions. Ridicule and accuse your accusers of your sins, no matter how disproportionate or outrageous; always turn the tables.” Der Alte’s advice ends with: “And at the end, if you have the power and the will, you could just blow it all up, taking everyone with you, kleine Donald triumphant winner. Forever and ever. Amen. Unbelievable.”

The political series began in ridiculing the Bush administration’s “self-serving and stupidly destructive invasion of Iraq,” with a number of pieces satirizing W’s follies. In time the series naturally followed with commentary on the administration of “the paradoxical President Barry.” Barack’s Drum, in tribal style, is leopard skin stretched over a hollowed log where LUO (Obama’s tribe) and USA intersect, “meant to contrast Barry’s peace and war instincts as he became a Nobel Peace Laureate.” TP for TP shows Tea Party target practice at Obama, hurling real tea bags. White House Desk Set is a pair of oval portraits of a smiling President bearing Latin and French mottos, including “The king can do no wrong.” The original piece was Trick or Treat, created at Halloween 2008, showing a smiling image of the Obama family juxtaposed with “the villainous Cheney and the hapless W,” arrayed in an assemblage of Walmart’s holiday items, including a fiberglass tombstone. The artist reflects: “That hopeful talisman, in the midst of the 2008 political campaign, worked; the U.S. went from trick to treat. We got Barry, Michelle, the girls and 8 years of elegance, wit, style, intelligence, courage and integrity. We shall miss them when they’re gone.”

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