Larry Kawa Submits FOIA Request: Is There A Recording of the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting?

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Citizen Researcher Larry Kawa has submitted a FOIA request to the FBI and the Department of Defense as he searches for whether a recording exists of the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting that took place on June 27th at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Loretta Lynch - Attorney General of the United States

Loretta Lynch - Attorney General of the United States

Citizen Researcher Dr. Larry Kawa charges that “the evidence suggests that the meeting between former President Bill Clinton and current Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have been recorded under an NSA program, called the Tempest Emanations Program.”

According to FOX News, Government officials such as the Attorney General are required to fly using government planes.

The NSA and NATO program Tempest Emanations program which is part of the government's Communications Security (COMMSEC) controls communications security of government officials including that of the Attorney General. For more information on the Tempest Emanations program please see

Kawa stated that "the Defense Informations Systems Agency manages the monitoring of telephonic devices and electronic communication systems a board the airplane of certain government officials including the Attorney General, who is required to use a government issued plane for all travel both personal and business."

Kawa has filed a FOIA request with several government agencies including the FBI, which can be found here.

The FOIA law allows for expedited processing in under 10 days in "unusual circumstances" consistent with those described above regarding the need for immediate public disclosure of government related business.

Kawa states, "In conclusion, it was statutorily required for Loretta Lynch to be on a government plane, which she was on June 27, 2016 when she met with President Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix. The Tempest Emanations program through the NSA and NATO monitored the telephonic and computer devices on that plane through the VOSIP component of CommSec (Communications Security). Data captured would have included audio and video through the plans telephonic, computer, and other electronic devices. Such information would be captured and stored by the NSA and it should be publicly available through FOIA."

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