Former Southwest Airlines Executive Lorraine Grubbs Publishes Third Book “How to Create a Happy Workplace – What Award Winning Companies Know”

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CEO Secrets on building a profitable company by improving employee engagement and loyalty.

Former Southwest Airlines Executive Lorraine Grubbs announces the publication of her third book “How to Create a Happy Workplace – What Award Winning Companies Know”. This innovative book shares proven systematic tactics and engaging stories from award winning top employers. Each company profiled has built strong, resilient cultures of loyalty which has transformed their organizations and propelled them to the top of their industries.

With her decades of experience as a leader and executive coach working exclusively in the field of building and retaining loyalty in business, Grubbs has identified how successful organizations create happy
workplaces through improved employee engagement. Her proven processes demonstrate how companies that put their employees first enjoy greater profits.

Per the Center for American Progress (, it can cost a business about one-fifth of a worker’s salary to replace that worker. If your business uses placement firms, that cost can skyrocket up to 40 percent of the new hires’ annual first year’s pay.

“Companies who lose employees and have high turnover know it’s costly and affects morale, productivity, customer service and teamwork,” explains Grubbs. “Loyal employees will be more courteous and resourceful with customers. They’ll dig deeper when a project requires creativity, be more tolerant in frustrating situations and demonstrate persistence and determination when the going gets tough. They’ll cheerfully go the extra mile whether it means staying late to meet a deadline or sharing their ideas to make your business better.”

Grubbs sought to validate her research, analysis, and successful results by interviewing CEOs from David Weekley Homes (, Christian Brothers Automotive (, Hotze Health and Wellness Center (, Accent Wire (, Gillman Automotive (, Houston Methodist Hospital (, Briggs & Veselka (, and Alvarez & Marsal ( These companies have been recognized on The Houston Chronicle’s “Top 150 Houston Companies to Work For” list or are included in the “Best Companies to Work For” list by Fortune Magazine. “How to Create a Happy Workplace” breaks new ground by incorporating every aspect of creating a culture of loyalty and introduces, for the first time, one resource with multiple ideas and proven successes.

“We’ve always believed that valuing our Team Members is the right thing to do,” explains John Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of David Weekley Homes. “Throughout our history, this viewpoint has never failed us. We are excited to be included in Lorraine’s book and the examples shared within offer forward-thinking companies a great value.”

The book is available as a softcover book and e-book available on Grubb’s web site – Grubb’s other books, “Lessons in Loyalty: How Southwest Airlines Does It – An Insider’s View”, and “Beyond the Executive Comfort Zone – Outrageous Tactics to Ignite Individual Performance”, are also available on her website.

“The forward-thinking leaders interviewed in this book understand there are no shortcuts to creating a true culture of loyalty in your business,” Grubbs comments. “I’m passionate about helping businesses create happy workplaces and my mission is to do so, one company at a time.”

About “How to Create a Happy Workplace”
The “A Happy Workplace” system, evolved out of Grubbs' desire to help companies create cultures where employees come to work because they “want to”, not because they “have to”. As a business consultant to companies like Landry’s, State Farm, General Insulation, Methodist Hospital and others, Grubbs’ team assesses an organization’s loyalty and customer service, and helps build a blueprint for extraordinary employee loyalty and customer engagement. The common-sense tactics she recommends comprise essential components to create and sustain a successful atmosphere of loyalty and all the benefits that spring from it. Clients notice how their businesses change and bottom line improves as employees became warrior spirits demonstrating increased productivity and elevated levels of customer service. For further information, please visit or contact Grubbs at 281-813-0305.

About Lorraine Grubbs
Lorraine Grubbs, was part of the Southwest Airlines Leadership Team for over 15 years. She has more than 30 years of experience as a leader, author and executive coach working exclusively in the field of how to build and retain loyalty in business. Her “A Happy Workplace” system incorporates proven and validated principles that companies who put their employees first utilize. She regularly contributes articles to a variety of publications, and is a guest lecturer at Rice University and the University of Houston’s Executive MBA program. Born in Peru and grew up in North Africa, Lorraine speaks four languages (English, Spanish, French and ‘Nautical’) and possesses various HR certifications. She has interviewed three U.S. presidents and was the first female owner of an American jet charter company. As a child, her favorite show was “Wonderful World of Disney. At the age of seven, she established a long-distance friendship with Walt Disney when she invited him to be her pen pal. When not working, and flying, you’ll find Grubbs living aboard her boat “Loyalty”, in Galveston, Texas.


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