Book Launched By The New Independent Leader Who Is Being Called, "Bernie Sanders" 2.0

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Financier, Independent advocate, and author Marco Valdivieso has positioned himself to take over where Democrat Bernie Sanders left off in the Independent movement.

Marco Valdivieso, author of Independent Like Our Founding Fathers

There are now more Independent voters than there are members in the Republican Party or Democratic Party....and since 2008, no presidential candidate will win without their majority vote.

These days most Americans are: frustrated Republicans or Democrats, folks who are up in arms with the 2016 election, people who think that their party has gone to hell, and many who are not sure where to go politically any longer. Most of us are filled with negativity, frustration, and even anger regarding the parties and the electoral system. What’s more, we are dead tired of being constantly lied to. What’s the solution? A new political author Marco Valdivieso exclaims, "Simply stop listening to the parties, folks! This is especially true now that we all know more about the corruption and collusion going on in both parties and how they enjoy lying to us." During the 2016 presidential election, Independent primary candidate Bernie Sanders was a magnet for Independents when he spoke not for a party but for what’s best for America. Independents looked to Sanders for insight, direction, and unity. But once Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination, he was brought in and bought out—and that includes his email lists. Now he’s stuck trying to “unify” a dying and less relevant Democratic party. So within the Independent movement Sanders is no longer held in high regard or even considered relevant any more. So who do Republicans, Democrats, and Independents turn to now for solutions?

This is where financier, author, Independent voting advocate, and Washington, D.C., native Marco Valdivieso comes into play. Valdivieso was brought up around the political and social circles in D.C. and knows very well how politics and politicians operate. As a successful Wall Street change management consultant for more than fifteen years, he has also helped restructure some of the world’s largest financial institutions. As a lifelong Independent, he has also volunteered for various Independent organizations through the years. He’s also positioned himself to be the center of the Independent storm. Valdivieso has had enough of all the party antics, lies, deceptions, corruption, and collusion, so he is taking action by using his Wall Street corporate-restructuring and change-management talents to focus on changing all of it. Valdivieso’s approach is simple yet effective: educate, educate, and educate. In his fresh and easy-to-read short book, Independent Like Our Founding Fathers, Valdivieso explains the history of political parties and how we can live and vote without them. With the book Valdivieso plans to:

1. Educate the public on politics and party history in order to empower them. If Americans know the rules, no one can lie to the public any longer.

2. Use his non-profit, constitutional attorneys, and reach out to Congress members in order to create real political and electoral change.

3. Spread the word about independent thinking that goes beyond just voting, and show the average person how to properly think on their own and filter out lies without groups, parties, etc.

Valdivieso dates the start of this book to 2011. “I began my research on this book because like most Americans I was tired of not knowing anything about the parties or the electoral system. This gave all the power to the parties which led me to follow and/or listen to them blindly. Now that I have become empowered with political, electoral, and party knowledge, I want to empower all Americans! Once it is read, everyone will know more than most people in Congress and no one can ever lie to Americans again, which is the most important takeaway of all.”

Here are some facts from the book that we all should know:

  • The first political party in the United States, the Federalist Party, didn’t exist until 1791. The only established parties in the colonies were the Whig and Tory Parties from England. This means that since the first English settlement at Jamestown in 1607, America existed without any political party systems of its own for more than 184 years.
  • Parties are entities that aren’t bound to any U.S. system or document and can be replaced at any time. Parties keep themselves in power by creating a constant flow of alarm in order for people to run to for false comfort. This can be brought to an end simply by educating everyone on politics and parties.
  • Party ideals change every thirty years or so, which means, for example, the Republican Party [and Democratic Party] of the 1970s or 1980s is not the same party of today.

There are lots of interesting facts like these scattered throughout the book, and they are facts that will help empower all Americans. Due to a growing disappointment over the two major parties, Independent voting has been on the rise since 2008. According to a well-regarded Gallup poll, 43% of all Americans consider themselves as Independents. There are now more Independent voters than there are members in the Republican Party or Democratic Party. Since 2008, no president going forward will be elected without the Independent majority vote, and Independent Like Our Founding Fathers will help fuel this surge. Valdivieso has already collected millions of email contacts and welcomes all frustrated fellow Americans to join in on this Independent movement for change. He says, “there are tens, if not hundreds of millions of us now—and growing.”


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