After Road Rage Sentencing Case, Attorney Big Al Calls Warns Against Spring and Summer Aggressive Driving

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After a deadly road rage incident left one man dead, the Michigan Appeals Court voted to sentence the shooter to at least 25 years of prison. Attorney Big Al encourages motorists to learn from this case and prevent an increase of crashes during spring and summer.

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Attorney Big Al, Alon Barzakay

As a crash litigation specialist, I see a fair amount of road rage incidents, and there’s an increase when the weather gets warm.

The Michigan Appeals Court voted to uphold the murder conviction of a Detroit man who killed another driver during a road rage incident in 2014 case # 14-022392-FC. The decision was made on March 22nd, and it represents a trend of crack downs on road rage policing in Michigan and across the country. Attorney Big Al urges motorists to maintain their temper when on the road and maintains that this sentencing should serve as a warning to drive cautiously and calmly on the roads this spring and summer.

The case in Detroit involved a driver who got out of his vehicle and confronted another driver about his aggressive driving. The driver being confronted then discharged a gun into the other driver’s chest, and the victim died on site. The Appeals Court decision will put the shooter behind bars for at least 25 years.

Big Al commented, “As a crash litigation specialist, I see a fair amount of road rage incidents, and there’s an increase when the weather gets warm. No one wants to get out of their car and harass someone when the weather’s below freezing, so when the days get hotter, so does the road rage. But there’s never a reason for it to resort to violence. This case should caution people against road rage incidents, because they’re harmful.”

There are several reasons why warmer temperatures correspond to hotter tempers on the road. As the weather gets warmer, drivers are more likely to have their windows rolled down, which can encourage shouting and profanity between drivers on the road. Lowered windows also increase acts of physical aggression, such as other drivers throwing things into other cars. The sun’s glare also can also cause drivers to accidentally cut others on the road off, which can easily be perceived as rudeness.

To avoid road rage while driving, Big Al suggests that you avoid using your horn in anything other than situations where another vehicle is going to hit yours if they don’t realize where your car is. Using your horn to express anger or frustration can invite road rage from those around you. Furthermore, avoid making eye contact with other drivers, because this can be perceived as an insult or an invitation to a conflict.

Driving safely is everyone’s business, and this conviction in Detroit should be a warning to all motorists that keeping a calm head can save lives.

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