Bulging Hand Veins Permanently Removed With RejuvaHands™ Procedure Says Los Angeles Surgeon

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Vascular surgeon Gabriel Goren, MD says the RejuvaHands™ procedure is superior to injectable fillers or fat transfer treatments that temporarily hide unsightly hand veins.

RejuvaHands™ is superior to conventional cosmetic hand vein treatments

“Women take great care of their faces, employing everything from facials to Botox or plastic surgery to look more attractive but what happens when bulging hand veins make a woman look older in spite of her pretty face?” asks vascular surgeon Dr. Gabriel Goren. “RejuvaHands™ is a minimally invasive procedure to permanently eliminate prominent unsightly veins in the hands. Many women try injectable filler treatments to try to ‘hide’ bulging hand veins, however these treatments will need to be repeated at regular intervals to maintain the appearance,” says Dr. Goren. “I have personally seen patients treated with fat transfer and while the veins were less visible, her  hands appeared abnormally puffy, as if she sustained a recent injury.”

To address these concerns Dr. Goren developed the RejuvaHands™ treatment by modifying the minimally invasive technique of "ambulatory phlebectomy" which he has performed for years to treat varicose leg veins. “This technique removes bulging hand veins permanently in about two hours with a simple office procedure and local anesthesia, with no downtime,” he says. Unwanted veins are removed in small sections through tiny entry points that heal with no stitches or downtime required." Dr. Goren is a vascular surgeon specialized in vein disorders since 1984. The Rejuvahands™ website is http://www.handveinsrejuvenation.com and the office phone is (818) 905-5502.

Conventional Treatments For Unsightly Hand Veins
Injectable fillers and fat transfer to the hands simply “hide” bulging veins by adding volume, puffing up surrounding tissues. “Most injectable fillers must be repeated at 6 to 8 month intervals, becoming quite expensive if the treatments are repeated for years,” says Dr. Goren. "Although  fat transfer can last longer than fillers this method is still not the ideal solution for the most natural-looking results."

“Sclerotherapy involves injection of a chemical irritant solution that causes an injury to the inner lining of the injected vein. This chemical injury will trigger the body’s healing response, causing the veins to close and shrivel away, in most cases,” says Dr. Goren

“Unfortunately, however, one has to put up with delayed results because multiple injection sessions will be required days and weeks apart. Moreover, swelling of the hand, frequent blood clot formation in the injected veins (needing evacuation of the clot), and occasional distant deep vein clotting such as axillary vein thrombosis  with or without signs of superficial phlebitis, has been reported, especially if a foamed sclerosing solution is used rather than the usual liquid solution. This could possibly lead to dangerous  complications. The possibility of residual brown pigmentation and relatively early recurrences are similar to the complications seen in varicose leg veins treated with injection sclerotherapy.”

“For these reasons I believe that the RejuvaHands™ procedure is superior to conventional cosmetic hand vein treatments, offering a permanent and aesthetically excellent result,” says Dr. Goren.

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