Visitors Can Now Glimpse New and Old Versions of Famous Mystic Teachings

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Pierre Freeman has developed a website to support his contentions about the contents of various alleged Rosicrucian documents, including a comparison between the early AMORC monographs and the more contemporary ones. These monographs illustrate a change in direction and style of the organization.

AMORC Origin Stories

Now members can conveniently look at the monographs composed by Spencer Lewis and his son, Ralph, and compare them to the current version of Christian Bernard. They can also review Freeman’s analysis of the monographs as well as his anatomy of their experiments and exercises.

Ancient Truths - An Evolution In Meaning Or Just Modified Unreality?
Visitors Can Now Glimpse New and Old Versions of Famous Mystic Teachings

Pierre S. Freeman, author of many books on AMORC (Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis), an organization which he alleges to be a historically fictional Rosicrucian Order, has created a website, This website is meant to be used by those seeking some original documentation of AMORC’s claims either out of curiosity or as validation of Freeman’s claims in his writing. Having written a wealth of books on the so-called Rosicrucian order, he recently focused his efforts to develop a website that would serve partially as an introduction to his work, and also as a research center for those wishing to find the original documents that support his interpretation of AMORC’s extraordinary ability to influence their members, often primarily through advertising and documents known as monographs.

Through his books and website, Freeman aims to protect the lives of those who unwittingly fall into the hands of those who would provide a very complex but often alluring answer to a sincere search for the Truth. He knows that, at the very beginning of a relationship with AMORC, aspiring members can be subjected to methods of persuasion to join and retain their membership that they have never heard of and would be often helpless to counteract.

Now members can conveniently look at the monographs composed by Spencer Lewis and his son, Ralph, and compare them to the current versions in the Neophyte, Initiate and Illuminati Sections of Christian Bernard. They can also review Freeman’s analysis of the monographs as well as his anatomy of their experiments and exercises.

The route to becoming the main force in educating potential and current Rosicrucian membership was a long and difficult path, documented in Freeman’s books, The Prisoner of San Jose: How I Escaped from Rosicrucian Mind Control and AMORC Unmasked. These were followed by a series of more specialized books, focusing on different aspects of the cult’s attempts to create historical and metaphysical components for the purpose of enlarging and retaining membership. These books include Tales of the Puppet Master, a discussion of the published works of H. Spencer Lewis, AMORC’S First Temple Degree Initiation (ILLUSTRATED) and Origin Stories – AMORC - Every Superhero Needs An Origin Story. Other books written by Freeman include Daring to Speak of Darkness and Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum Part 1 (Mayhem on the Astral Highway Illustrated), a fictional satire on a Rosicrucian cult.

Freeman’s years of work to create this platform for deprogramming is based on a deep sense of compassion. He is determined not to just be a recovered victim, but an enabler of the recovery of present and future victims.

The journey which led to the development of his new website began when, after spending fruitless decades in AMORC, Freeman found himself virtually penniless, with perplexing symptoms resembling PTSD and absolutely no real spiritual understanding. In his darkness, through a perusal of the Internet, he stumbled upon information that eventually led him to realize that he had become a victim of cult mind control. Owing to his financial situation and some other reasons, he had to indulge in DIY deprogramming. This led to a profound awareness of how mind control works and, consequently, the remission of most of his serious symptoms and the chance to find a professional career suitable to his taste.

As he finished an advanced degree in Mathematics in an established university, he began to realize that he had achieved an understanding of cult programming of prospective cult members. He believed that, by applying this information, he might be able to save such cult members from a sorrowful fate of psychological and emotional distress that would cripple their lives.

One of the most important features of was to show the differences between the monographs designed by its founder, H. Spencer Lewis, and his present successor, Christian Bernard. Freeman believes that Bernard has rewritten the monographs in an effort to somewhat obliterate the profound identification Lewis has with AMORC which dilutes Bernard’s current position and power. Bernard’s monographs were created following the Coup d’état against Gary Steward, a former Imperator (title assumed by the head of AMORC) who was accused of wrongdoing and removed from AMORC’S leadership. Bernard felt that the “Shadow of H. Spencer Lewis” was following him too closely. During the time of its construction, members of AMORC were never told that the monographs were being rewritten. In spite of being an active member for many years, Freeman himself was not aware of any change until 2005.

Freeman says, “Truth be told, after many years of serious marketing campaigns and changing the demographic of his customers, the Christian Bernard monographs are now gaining in popularity. The new recruits that are enlisted online are easier to manipulate into considering the Christian Bernard Monographs as the real “deal.” Unfortunately, both the “old wine” and the “new wine” of AMORC are powerful, seductive doses of unreality. My website gives members of AMORC and curious individuals a chance to see the two versions of the monographs for themselves.”

“The power of AMORC is mostly based on remote indoctrination, a method I describe in my books as mind control mostly depending on literary narratives, and not direct interaction with cult members or leaders. That is why, I believe, the recent closing of many AMORC lodges may actually reinforce the power of the cult. I have observed that human interaction can foster dangerous discussion and truth-telling that might undermine the narratives of the cult when they are sequestered in the written work, and perhaps a bit of audio, as in their current website.”

“People who are just becoming aware of our work might not know that I have tried several times to connect with Christian Bernard to ask him to explain why he has misrepresented so much in AMORC and indulged in many distasteful efforts to induce a false sense of self-empowerment in his members. My Open Letter to Christian Bernard is also found on my website.”
To acquire free access to all documents on the site, just put in the Promo Code, “3freedays.” No credit cards needed. Just the energy and curiosity to explore, analyze and review one’s desire to join or remain a member in the alleged “Ancient Order.”

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