World’s First Simply Adjustable Bed Requiring No Power

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Switlik Comfort Technology launches fully adjustable SWITLIK Sleep System

worlds first dual chamber adjustable mattress that doesn't require power

Simply Adjustable

“At SWITLIK Comfort Technology, we understand one size does not fit all and comfort is a personal preference. "

Firmness doesn’t have to be constant. SWITLIK Comfort Technology launches SWITLIK Sleep System, adjustable firmness and support to fit your changing needs.

At some point, your current mattress will succumb to the wear and tear of supporting your body. When this happens, you don’t have the proper support, leaving you with aches, pain and restlessness. Additionally, your sleep surface requirements change over time. For instance, you may need a different mattress as you age or if you have lost or gained weight, are pregnant, had an injury or surgery or a medical condition such as arthritis.

When a mattress is too firm, it pushes on your pressure points and throws your whole body out of alignment. On the flip side, if the mattress is too soft, you won’t be properly supported.

“At SWITLIK Comfort Technology, we understand one size does not fit all and comfort is a personal preference. Your idea of a great mattress might feel soft to you and rock hard to me. When a person who lives to be 85 years old and sleeps 20-25 years of their life in bed, why are they forced to buy a mattress in such an arbitrary, impersonal way?” commented CEO Stanley Switlik II.

Now, get all of the benefits of an adjustable bed, made simple with the SWITLIK Sleep System. When air is removed from the Comfort Chamber, creating negative pressure, it transforms the inherent firmness of the foam into a different, comfortable gelatin-like feel, all the while maintaining an evenness of support across the entire sleep surface. When the right personal comfort is achieved and the valve is closed, the shape and depression is saved until you want to adjust it again. Every day is different, your mattress should adjust to your needs.

The SWITLIK Sleep System, truly individualized comfort with dual chambers to adjust to your needs as well as your partner’s needs. No pumps, no hoses, no wires and no noise. Nothing to break or wear out.

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