An Alliance to Boost Socio-Economic Development in the Middle-East & Africa

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The organisation with a plan to establish a bridge between Africa & the Middle-East towards a brighter economic future.

An Arab African Conference of people

A socio-economic Bridge between the peoples of two continents.

Great things happen when you connect a motivated population with much needed resources.

For decades, the continents of Africa and the Middle-East have been regarded as developing parts of the world and sometimes in unflattering terms, as third world nations, with countries such as Nigeria and Qatar amongst others, recently considered 2 of the 3 fastest growing economies in the world. Indeed, being the home of some of the most resource rich nations of the world, Africa and the Middle-East are yet to fully capitalise on their pretrue potential.

The Arab African Economic Development Initiative (AAEDI), a non-profit corporation operating from both Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, believes both regions possessing natural wealth in both population size and natural resource could realistically become the 2 major economies in the world, in less than 2 decades. This belief has naturally led to their chief goal of establishing a new social and economic Bridge between Middle-east and African nations, through a mix of individuals from the public and private sectors, working together on various projects in different areas like agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing etc.

The organisation with its first annual economic summit set to launch this February 2018, began it’s development in October, 2017 as an answer to the sustained neglect of the huge economic potential available through the vast natural resource and the trade opportunities offered by close proximity, historic ties and cultural similarities of the regions of Africa and Arabia. Opportunity which when exercised could be the answer to solving the issue of economic instability and insecurity in some of the economically challenged parts of these continents, whilst giving easier opportunities to those already on the rise.

Founded by Her Highness, Queen Zaynab Otiti Obanor of Nigeria, on a vision of optimism and hope that with the help of various governments and leaders of the private sector in both regions, existing barriers on both sides preventing the natural synergetic co-operativeness that geography & proximity has gifted the people could be erased. Historically, sharing many borders, there has always been both trade and exchange of culture, leading to some of the greatest economies and civilizations of the Iron Age. An historic relationship which has, in addition to leaving a linguistic mark on the continent of Africa has also influenced the geography and politics of the Arab world, where nearly half Arab league are also members of the African Union.

All over Africa, industries such as Agriculture, Infrastructure, Technology and Manufacturing remain undeveloped, leaving behind what could be great opportunities for both investments for individuals from both sides and economic opportunities for their nations. The Middle-east on the other hand, has seen the rise of new world economic powerhouses, like the UAE and Qatar, nations which are currently at the forefront of innovation, culture and governance. With recent developments in these countries unlikely to slow down anytime soon, there however remains pending a solution to the issue of food & water shortage caused by an increasingly dry climate, a problem which many sub-Saharan African nations could easily lend a solution, due to the advantage of better climatic conditions. Unemployment has also been a major issue in both the Middle-east and Africa, as recently as 2016 several countries in both regions were reportedly suffering unemployment rates as high 59.0%, an issue which could have lasting effects on the general satisfaction of citizens leading to political instability and even mass migrations.

“Great things happen when you connect a motivated population with much needed resources, what you get is innovation, increased productivity, trade and better employment rate, this is how great economies are born.” said Founder and President of the AAEDI, Queen Zaynab Otiti Obanor. “The people of the Middle-East and Africa, not only share a great history, culture and religion together, we also share very similar economic realities, what one lacks, the other seems to have and what this Bridge will achieve, is a complementary relationship of people, ideas and resources across various sectors between these two continents. ”

In light of all these, Queen Zaynab decided to bring together as many great minds and experienced hands from both the government and the business sectors in Africa and the Middle-East, with the upcoming economic conference scheduled for late February, being the first of what is intended to be an annual event with the believe that human capital when given access to much needed resources in ideas, business opportunities, raw material resources could together transform the future of nations once thought to be the least developed in the world.

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About the Arab African Economic Development initiative

The AAEDI, founded in autumn 2017 by Her Highness, Queen Zaynab Otiti Obanor, as a non-profit corporation that is building a Bridge between key individuals from the public & private sectors in the Middle-Eeast & Africa, to share ideas and resources on mutually beneficial projects for the elevation of the social and economic standing of both regions. The AAEDI will facilitate the execution of projects in agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, arts e.t.c. to boost the productivity and growth of all participating countries.

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