24 Protect Plus Provides Children's Safety Tips for Safe Halloween Fun

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24ProtectPlus Says "Trick or Treat" With Safety in Mind

24ProtectPlus Says "Trick or Treat" With Safety in Mind

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24Protect Plus (SM), a premier security program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC®, thinks that Halloween should be all about fun -- especially since many kids (and plenty of adults) look forward to the "ghostly" celebration all year long. But as much fun as it can (and should) be, safety precautions have to be taken.

That's why AP9*24ProtectPlus has some suggestions for a "Safety Check List" for all trick-or-treaters, parents, and guardians. After all, there are a lot more obstacles out there in the night than just marauding ghosts and ghouls.

-- Let there be lots of lights. Before the kids (and adults) head out on a candy-finding mission, arm them all with reliable flashlights. In fact, keep all the trick-or-treat troops ready for safe foot travel by planning ahead: Make sure all flashlights have fresh batteries ready to go.

-- Make like The Ventures. Turn back the clock all the way to 1960 for a timely safety message from rock 'n' roll legends The Ventures. Just like they told us way back when, "Walk Don't Run." And that's especially important on Halloween night. Remember that not everyone is excited about Halloween and all the fun that can accompany it. Walk from house to house; it's safer.

-- Glow with the flow. There's nothing like a crisp mid-autumn sky. It can make for a perfect Halloween night. But even celluloid heroes like Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget couldn't see in the dark -- no matter what date it was. That's why it pays to have a reliable glow-in-the-dark watch ready before stepping out to get the goods.

-- Face the race. Halloween is indeed about fun, but it's also potentially about trouble -- even tragedy -- especially on the roadway. Teach kids (and remind adults) to walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic, especially if there's no sidewalk. We've all listened to the radio or watched TV on November 1, only to discover some unfortunate "Halloween accident" that occurred the night before.

-- Phone a friend. Ever since the now-renowned "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" hit the air back in 1999, the term "phone a friend" has become a large part of the pop culture lexicon. For safety-minded Halloween happenings, though, make sure all trick-or-treaters have a way to reach out by phone. Whether it's older kids (with personal cell phones), adults or guardians (who should make sure they have one), or even trick-or-treaters making the rounds in urban areas where there may still be some public telephones, make sure there's always a way to touch base with home base.

Like any much-anticipated holiday, Halloween is just once a year. Have a blast, but please be safe. And stay one step ahead of accidents and pitfalls -- even "the boogeyman" -- with these timely safety tips from 24 Protect Plus.

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