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Online top up merchant Topups Direct has cut the nonsense out of mobile top ups with its awesome new phone credit site. Customers who want an Orange top up; a 3 top up; or a T Mobile top up; are now able to get them without having to go to a store, without having to wrestle with in-phone top up menus – and without having to entrust their card details to a third party whose legal status is unclear.

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The Topups Direct site works, in this respect, very much like an online bank site or payment protection page. Because it’s a web site, it’s regulated by a set of laws that have a much greater propensity for consumer protection than “real world” transactions. That means that customers who make an Orange top up, a T Mobile top up or a 3 top up on the Topups Direct site, do so knowing that, should their card details be used incorrectly, they’ll get all their money back without question.

Sounds almost over protective – but, in this day and age of rampant identity theft (where a person can go to the store for an Orange top up and end up with their card details paying for someone else’s petrol), over protective is the only sort of caution that’s good enough. What Topups Direct has realised is that people want something they can use with confidence and convenience – a place to make a 3 top up, or a T Mobile top up, that doesn’t carry a risk way out of proportion to its benefit. With their easy to use website, they’ve given them exactly that.

The Topups Direct site is master work of intuitive use. A customer wishing to make an Orange top up logs in and picks “Orange”; a customer who wants a 3 top up logs in and chooses “3”; and a customer who needs a T Mobile top up enters and selects – you guessed it – “T Mobile”. The rest is as simple as click, click, click – and the credit comes through almost instantly, as an SMS voucher.

It’s funny, when one thinks about it, that almost no other area of normal human life is carried on with as little thought for the consequences as the simple act of using one’s credit card. Statistically, the chances of having details pinched and used are pretty massive – and yet we continue, daily, to freely dispense card details as though they were confetti. Anything else that carried such an obvious risk of having catastrophic consequences would be dismissed out of hand. It’s called a “cost benefit analysis” – what is the likely cost, against the known benefit? In the case of making a 3 top up, a T Mobile top up or an Orange top up, in the real world with a card: possibly massive, against having five quid on a phone. With the Topups Direct online service, those worries are a thing of the past.

Topups Direct is a secure mobile topups website that sends top-up vouchers for all main mobile networks straight to a purchaser’s phone.

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