3 To Freedom™ - Hot New MLM Program Packs a Serious Punch! Way Less Work And 3 Times The Pay

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3 To Freedom™ is the hottest new MLM program to hit the marketplace. This program packs a serious punch. Imagine generating 3 separate streams of income from enrolling just 3 people. Its now possible with 3 To Freedom™. Finally an MLM program that makes sense. No selling, no convincing, no having to peddle potions and lotions to friends and family. With 3 To Freedom™ there is no stock piling of products in garages or spare bedrooms ever again. This is a program that provides brand new hope to the MLM industry.

Live a Life of Freedom With 3 To Freedom

3 To Freedom is the ideal program for all of the network marketers that have always wanted to make it to the top, but have never had the proper training, coaching and support. 3 To Freedom is the answer.

3 To Freedom™ is a hot new MLM program that is already the talk of the MLM industry. This program packs a serious punch. There is no selling. No convincing. No peddling of potions and lotions. In fact the program requires way less work than every other MLM but provides 3 times the pay. Finally an MLM program that makes sense.

Industry leaders Daniel Butts, Jay Kanik and Darren Little have come together to launch one of the highest paying programs that the industry has ever seen. The program generates 3 separate streams of income and only requires 3 personally sponsored people, ever.

The three master marketers united to launch 3 To Freedom™ . A program that is based on real marketing principles and automated recruiting systems that will recruit for you while you are sleeping. This is a program that is designed so that everyone can succeed. 3 To Freedom™ uses a revolutionary recruiting software that propels its affiliates into 3 streams of income simultaneously by enrolling just 3 people. Plus the software system produces and unlimited number of personal recruits starting with just 3 people.

Daniel Butts who recently built a team of more than 20,000 affiliates in less than 6 months stated "All 3 of us got tired of seeing the industry numbers come in so low, especially when network marketing is such an amazing industry, so we set out on a mission to help change that".

Darren Little, co-author of MLM Affiliate Magic will be teaching all of the affiliates strategies that have allowed him to expand organizations into 5 countries in less than 90 days. These include both online and offline strategies, personal branding, video strategies, social networking. and how to drive traffic to generate an endless supply of leads

Jay Kanik is the master of recruiting new reps while he is sleeping. Imagine what it might feel like to wake up in the morning only to find newly enrolled affiliates. This is Jay's specialty and he will be bringing all of these talents to the 3 To Freedom™ Team.

3 To Freedom™ has been nicknamed the "game changer" in the network marketing industry because it only requires 3 people to make life changing income. 3 To Freedom™ works with 3 phases of growth and 3 phases of income potential. This program will help its members to capitalize on three of the highest paying comp plans - all at the same time.

With 3 To Freedom™, some of the profits that members earn in Phase 1 will propel them into Phase 2 and Phase 3 where they will have the potential to earn life changing income. But it all starts with making a difference FIRST. 3 To Freedom™ is a program that focuses on making a difference in the world, while helping it's members to generate 3 significant streams of income simultaneously.

Phase 1 - Is based upon 3 To Freedom's humanitarian effort where each member will help feed 70 starving children each month.

Phase 2 - Is based upon a Digital Product Library. This is where commissions really pick up steam. Some of the profits from Phase 1 will propel the members into Phase 2 and the entire team will follow each member as well.. There is no additional out of pocket cost.

Phase 3 - Is based upon a Global Travel Membership. Some of the profits from Phases 1 and 2 will propel the members into Phase 3. There is no additional out of pocket cost. Each of the member's team mates will follow them into Phase 3. This is where people experience life changing income. The momentum from the first two Phases all come together.

3 To Freedom™ is one of the fastest growing income producing programs on the internet today and it all starts with making a difference in the world.

For more information contact:

Darren Little
Director of Marketing and
Co-founder of 3 To Freedom™

Phone: 604-771-1901
Email: darrenlittle11(at)hotmail(dot)com
Skype: DarrenLittle11

Daniel Butts
Director of Operations and
Co-founder of 3 To Freedom™

Phone: 702-430-1670
Email: marketing(dot)expert(at)live(dot)com
Skype: Daniel.Butts

About 3 To Freedom™: 3 To Freedom™ is a group of highly successful online and offline marketers with a goal of feeding 10 million starving children each month. The 3 To Freedom team offers full marketing training and support to help propel its members into momentum in their first 90 days in business.

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