Oransi Tackles Severe Air Pollution in China by Shipping New Line of Home Air Purifiers Made in America

China’s major cities have some of the world’s worst smog and Oransi, the U.S.-based, veteran-owned company, recently started shipping their new American-made, high quality HEPA home air purifiers providing targeted air cleaning to eager Chinese consumers. While Oransi embraces a vast new Chinese customer base, the company also is taking advantage of the empty shipping containers sent back to China from the U.S. – which cost Oransi less in shipping charges on a per unit basis from their location in Connecticut to China – than in a full truck from Connecticut to Pennsylvania.

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Texas-based Oransi is a veteran-owned business that was founded in 2009 by a team of executives and engineers with decades of experience in the air quality and home cleaning products industries.

“We’ve embraced the latest manufacturing processes and put Americans back to work while helping our Chinese customers have the healthiest home air possible,” said Oransi CEO Peter Mann.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

In an unusual export move, the U.S.-based, veteran-owned green home products company – Oransi – recently started shipping containers of their new U.S. designed and manufactured air purifiers to China. Oransi’s new line of Erik Air Purifiers utilizes hospital grade air filters which are equipped to handle the air quality problems in China. These models can clean spaces in a home or office up to 1700 square feet, feature up to 39 times more filter media when compared to other air purifiers, and use 90 percent less energy than competitors’ models. The powerful new American-made HEPA air purifiers caught the attention of Chinese consumers seeking relief from some of the world’s worst air pollution. While it’s not uncommon for containers from China in the U.S. to be shipped back to Asia containing raw materials, it is rare for the containers to be sent holding consumer finished goods – especially consumer appliances.

“Oransi knew our premium quality, higher performance air purifiers would provide much needed relief in China,” said Oransi CEO Peter Mann. “In fact, a recent study showed the residents of Northern China have a life expectancy that is 5 ½ years less than other parts of China (which are still polluted) as well as air quality readings from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing that regularly report dangerous levels of particulate matter. We’ve found consumers will pay for a better product - even in China - and our hope is that other manufacturers of high-end products in the U.S. will follow our lead.”

Oransi’s new Erik line of Air Purifiers are available for sale in the U.S. in six different models ranging from the Erik M16 ($989 U.S.) to the Erik Ultra Plus ($1495 U.S.). The Erik air purifiers offer the same industrial air filtration system that is used in hospital operating rooms and they have the ability to filter more than 99.99 percent of particulates from the air including dust, smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, some viruses, allergens, VOCs/gases and bacteria.

“We’ve embraced the latest manufacturing processes and put Americans back to work while helping our Chinese customers have the healthiest home air possible,” said Oransi CEO Peter Mann. “Our new Erik line of air purifiers uses the world’s best components making them more costly to produce - but there also is substantially increased value with superior reliability and performance – which has created demand for our product in China. Oransi is creating the ultimate air cleaning machine and it’s manufactured right here in America,” concluded Mann.

Visit http://www.oransi.com for more information or follow them on Twitter at @OransiLLC or Like them on Facebook. This infographic - http://www.oransi.com/China_Diminishing_Air_Quality_s/126.htm - created by Oransi illustrates the serious air quality situation in China.

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