Florida’s D.O.T. Protects Environmentally Sensitive Old Tampa Bay From Storm Water Pollution with CDS Sewer Cleaning Structures Maintained by Orlando JetVac Sewer Cleaner

Hi-Tech storm sewer cleaning structure "CDS or continuous deflective separation" is being utilized by F.D.O.T. to stop pollutants from entering the environmentally sensitive Old Tampa Bay waters. Old Tampa Bay is a Designated Aquatic Habitat and an Outstanding Florida Water, and as it’s supposed to have the highest level of treatment possible, F.D.O.T. hired and Orlando jetvac sewer cleaning contractor to maintain the (8) CDS units properly. The Orlando sewer cleaner explains the benefits and operation of the CDS sewer cleaning structures.

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Sewer cleaning machine on the job

Aquatech jetvac truck operated by Cloud 9 Services, an Orlando sewer cleaning company cleans a CDS unit

Old Tampa Bay must be protected from the damaging pollutants that flow into it from the stormwater pipe and structures in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

As part of its’ ongoing sewer cleaning maintenance activities, Florida's Department of Transportation has worked with an Orlando sewer cleaning contractor, Cloud 9 Services, Inc. to clean their CDS (continuous deflective separation) units in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. These CDS units stop pollutants from entering the environmentally sensitive waters of Old Tampa Bay and must be cleaned by sewer cleaner periodically to operate efficiently.

Large storm water discharge pipes take the storm water from the storm water catch basins in the County and City streets and transfer it to Old Tampa Bay. As the water flows over the streets and gutters, it washes the hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other settlements into Old Tampa Bay. F.D.O.T installed CDS structures in the storm water discharge lines to collect these pollutants before they enter the sensitive waters of the State. As Old Tampa Bay is a Designated Aquatic Habitat and an Outstanding Florida Water, it’s supposed to have the highest level of treatment possible.

Similar features that were in the original vortex separator are in the CDS units of today were originally introduced in the U.S. during the 70’s. However, the new Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS) mechanism introduces a filtration mechanism for solid separation. The advanced filtration mechanism, when combined with circular flow action and particle sedimentation, increases removal rates beyond vortex separators during times of high flows. These CDS units work by deflecting the inflow and associated pollutants away from the main flow stream of water into a separation chamber. The separation chamber has a sump at the bottom and a screen in the upper section. The screen removes the gross pollutants allowing the filtered water to pass through to Old Tampa Bay. While the storm water is in the chamber, the floatable solids are kept in continuous motion on the water surface by the incoming flow. This cyclonic action keeps the solids in the chamber from blocking the screen. Therefore, the heavy solids settle to the bottom of the sump. The CDS units act continuous cleaning systems, since the solids do not become imbedded in the filter screen as in a direct screening situation.

Under an annual contract with Cloud 9 Services, Inc., the floatable debris is collected from the CDS units every month and the amount of collected sediments in the sump measured. When the sediments collected by the CDS unit reach 75% of the total sump capacity, Cloud 9 Services, Inc. mobilizes their Aquatech jetvac sewer cleaning truck to clean the sump. Every year Cloud 9 Services, Inc. licensed as a Florida Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor performs a confined space entry and inspects the internal components of the CDS units.

Cloud 9 Services, Inc. an Orlando sewer cleaning contractor is proud to maintain the (8) CDS units for F.D.O.T. The removal of those pollutants from the storm water before it enters our valuable Florida waters allows for a greater abundance of a fish, flora and fauna.
Rick Fender, the Vice President and qualifying agent for Cloud 9 Services, Inc. stated "Old Tampa Bay must be protected from the damaging pollutants that flow into it from the stormwater pipe and structures in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties."

Cloud 9 Services, Inc. is sewer cleaning contractor located in Orlando, Florida at 1201 West Jackson. In business since 2001, Cloud 9 Services, Inc. cleans sewers including storm and sanitary structures all over Florida. Cloud 9 uses Aquatech jetvac trucks to handle high pressure sewer cleaning projects. For more information call Rick Fender at Cloud 9 Services, Inc. 407-481-2750


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CDS units cleaned with jetvac sewer cleaning truck The manhole rings and covers are the only signs you can see from above ground that the CDS unit is there protecting the environment

CDS units keep the storm water flowing from Pinellas and Hissborough County street from polluting Old Tampa Bay

CDS FDOT jetvac cleaning contract FDOT CDS jetvac cleaning Scope of Services

CDS cleaning contract Scope of services

CDS Jetvac Cleaning Contract Supplement CDS FDOT Cleaning Contract Documents

The contract for cleaning these CDS units can be Piggy Backed.

Jetvac cleaning prices FDOT CDS Cloud 9 Servisces agreement Exhibit B

Sewer cleaning prices for the FDOT storm structure cleaning with a jetvac tuck

Cloud 9 Services sewer cleaning Sewer storm cleaning contractor agreement for FDOT CDS

Supplemental agreement for FDOT CDS sewer cleaning for Cloud 9 Services