Freight Forwarders, H.W. St. John & Company Recently Added New Forms to their Website to Help with their Clients Safety

Freight Forwarding Company, H.W. St. John & Company recently added new forms to their website to help with their clients safety.

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Customs Brokers

Customs Brokers

Freight Forwarders, H.W. St. John & Company recently added new forms to their website to help with their clients safety.

Valley Stream, New York (PRWEB) October 07, 2012

The attacks of September 11th, 2001 dramatically changed the landscape of America. New laws were passed in an attempt to thwart future attacks by enhancing America’s air and sea security. Aside from the new governmental regulations, a Long Island freight forwarding company has contributed to increasing America’s safety in their own way.

H.W. St John & Co. is a freight forwarding company located near John F. Kennedy airport in Long Island, NY. Created in 1902, they are unique in terms of their longevity and success in the freight forwarding business. A key component of their success has been their ability to innovate and keep pace with changing times. Keep this enforced, H.W. St. John has recently add new forms to their website to help keep their customers information safe. Located on their website clients can sign a Power of Attorney form insuring client safety. After adding this feature to their website H.W.St. John's customer have been able to download the form with ease. This make doing business fast as well as easier for both parties. H.W. St. John recently built the website with Long Island Web Design Company, Benjamin Marc who had this to say on their blog regarding H.W.St. John. "Working with Kristin from H.W. St. John & Company has been great, they are professional and easy to work with, Benjamin Marc has been working them since 2008 and we look forward to working with them in the future." All around H.W. St. John & Company lives up to their slog which is, "Setting service standards for over 100 years."

For more information about H.W. St. John and their freight forwarding services, please visit their website at

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