Forex Trading Can Contribute to Improved Mental Health, According to What CaesarTrade has Found in the Public Domain

Study of senior citizens shows a link between regular cognitive activity and a decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. CaesarTrade believes partaking in activities that involve split-second decisions, such as financial trading, can help.

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To coincide with the belief in forex trading as a cognitive activity, CaesarTrade is announcing a 30-day free forex course.

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

The 21-year study, performed by the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that regular cognitive activities have an even greater affect on mental health. Furthermore, CaesarTrade finds financial trading to be a cognitive activity. More specifically, many experts consider forex trading a high-level cognitive activity. For such reason, CaesarTrade believes that actively participating in forex trading can mirror the potential 47% decreased risk of mental illness that regularly performing crossword puzzles has, if not more so.

The New England Journal of Medicine study also proved that participating in activities that involve split-second decisions decreased the risk of dementia by 76%. As anyone that has ever traded knows, participating in forex involves many split-second decisions. In conclusion, it seems entirely plausible that regularly participating in forex trading can contribute to a healthier mental activity. To coincide with the belief in forex trading as a cognitive activity, CaesarTrade is announcing a 30-day free forex course offered to new clients. What’s more, the course focuses on the core four forex principles: trader psychology, analysis, technical/fundamental, risk and money management.

Company Information:

CaesarTrade is an online forex trading company headed by CEO Eric Harbor who has been involved in forex since 1996, and Cliff Wachtel, a highly regarded forex educator and published author of The Sensible Guide to Forex.

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