Kukuwa Dance Workout (KDW®) Launches Online Instructor Certification

Dance and fitness studio clients are dancing with the stars of Kukuwa Dance Workout. It is possible now for fitness instructors to become certified in Kukuwa Dance Workout Online

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Kukuwa Nuamah is the internationally acclaimed African dance choreographer, performer, and fitness professional and owner/ founder of Kukuwa, Inc.

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North Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2010

Kukuwa Dance Workout is a unique style of fitness that is derived from African cultural dance movements. The intense combination of Latin, African, and Caribbean rhythms, coupled with the energetic body isolations, is a nourishing trend of exercise that today's fitness clubs and studios are craving. Kukuwa Dance Workout certified instructors bring variety into the club/studios in a fun and exciting way.

Kukuwa Dance Workout is a low impact/high energy choreographed workout, designed to target the cardiovascular system, improve fitness levels, and pump fun through the veins.

“As we were developing our online community through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, our social marketing coach, Cheryl Lawson, suggested that we offer the Kukuwa® Dance Workout certification online to enable instructors all over the globe to access KDW,” said Kukuwa Nuamah, Founder and CEO of Kukuwa, LLC. “I’m excited that the online certification is now live and the door is wide open to anyone wanting to add a new dimension to their fitness life and career”.

The first step in becoming a KDW instructor is to log in, register, and complete the instructor certification program. The support from Kukuwa doesn’t stop there. Once instructors become certified, they will receive a DVD and a music CD to begin learning and teaching the Kukuwa Dance Workout choreography. Continuing education classes and the annual KDW conference are offered to keep certified instructors on the cutting edge of health and nutrition trends.

"To help Kukuwa spread her passion, we are asking everyone who views this release to post the link to his/her Facebook wall, and to send out the official tweet,” explained social marketing coach, Cheryl Lawson. "We’re hoping that the power of the fitness community, combined with social networking can help Kukuwa reach her goal of 500 new certified KDW instructors by the end of 2010.”

Tweet This: "The @KukuwaDance Workout instructor certification is available online! Come Move Your Boombsey http://ow.ly/1C3Qn Pls RT"

'Move your Boombsey®' is a phrase commonly heard in a KDW class. There is no question that with the new online instructor certification, there’s going to be a lot of people moving their Boombseys.

About Kukuwa, LLC
Kukuwa Nuamah is the internationally acclaimed African dance choreographer, performer, fitness professional, and owner/ founder of Kukuwa, LLC. Born and raised in Ghana West Africa, Kukuwa has been dancing since the age of three. Kukuwa, LLC includes Kukuwa Dance Workout and Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company. To learn more visit: http://kukuwadanceworkout.com/

About Cheryl Lawson
Cheryl is an Event Specialist and Social Marketing Coach. “I believe people prefer to do business with others with whom they share social experiences whether online or face to face.” To learn more about Cheryl Lawson, visit: http://theperfect-date.com/

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"Come Move Your Boombsey with Kukuwa" Kukuwa Nuamah

Kukuwa is the Founder and CEO of Kukuwa, LLC

Kukuwa Nuamah

Come Move Your Boombsey with Kukuwa Dance Workout

Cheryl is the CEO of The Perfect Date Event specialist and Social Marketing Coach, Cheryl Lawson

Cheryl Lawson is helping her clients create real social marketing strategies.