Long Island Movers, Leavy Brothers, Inc. Offers Tips to Relieve the Stress of Moves Due to Divorce or Separation

While an unpleasant situation, there are steps that can alleviate additional pain.

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Long Island Movers

Long Island Movers

Long Island Movers, Leavy Brothers, Inc. Offers Tips to Relieve the Stress of Moves Due to Divorce or Separation

Long Island, New York (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

As national statistics on divorce continue to rise, the unpleasant realities and unavoidable situations can be handled in a way that lessens the emotional pain. Leavy Brothers, a Long Island-based provider of local and long distance moving and storage services to the Metro-New York region, offers advice on how to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

So many in our society experience the pain and regret of a failed marriage or relationship and the process of calling it quits is never easy. Regardless of the reasons, two people who chose to make a life together and then dissolve that relationship must face certain uncomfortable situations along the way. Probably the most uncomfortable is when one of the two people move out of the home that was shared. If children are involved, the level of stress and upheaval can reach titanic proportions.

For single mothers, the responsibility of not only finding someplace else to live and then making it feel like a home for the kids can be daunting. By removing the stress of moving from the old home to the new some of the stress and anxiety will be removed from the process. While some are pretty basic like getting organized, choose the right boxes for the move and label everything, there are two that are more important than the others.

First, pick the right moving company to help make the move. By using professional movers the process will move quickly as they are experts. More importantly, they are disconnected from the dissolved relationship and will not engender any hard feelings that could be caused by having family members help you move. Second, and probably the most important when using a professional moving company so that you are completely aware of your rights and can protect yourself from disreputable movers.

Leavy Brothers prides themselves on the care with which they approach every move, understanding that there could be emotions at play that will make any transition difficult. In the case of a move due to the breakup of a marriage or relationship, Leavy knows that the party moving is probably feeling vulnerable so they take care to review every aspect of the move before the process begins. While this cannot eliminate all of the pain, the team at Leavy Brothers knows that a little compassion represents a welcome respite from the upheaval surrounding such a move.

Leavy Brothers, Inc., a private family owned and operated company provides efficient, economical and professional relocation services to the greater New York Metropolitan area as well as the entire eastern seaboard. We are proud to offer our customers turn-key services to meet whatever needs and demands life should throw your way. we offer a solid selection of services that can be tailored to your individual needs. Our services include Residential Moving from your home or apartment, Commercial Moving that is fast, efficient, and meticulous, Storage at our warehouse facility where we inventory and index every box and item that enters our storage unit and Professional Packing & Unpacking at an affordable rate. We also offer long-distance moving in addition to our local moving services. We are only concerned with making sure you and your belongings get to where they need to be safely, soundly, and happily. For more information on our services, contact us at 1-800-245-3289 or visit our website at http://www.longislandmovingco.com.