The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School Announces New York Acting Classes

The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School, founded by Milton Katselas, is now offering acting classes in New York City. The classes will be taught by George DiCenzo.

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Milton Katselas

Put the word on the street that you're writing about Milton Katselas, and every student he has ever had will want to tell you about the best acting teacher in the world…. They were born with the talent, but he gave them careers.

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2008

The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School, which has helped foster the careers of George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Alec Baldwin, Jorge Garcia, Giovanni Ribisi, Kate Hudson and many others, is pleased to announce the opening of BHP New York. The New York acting classes will be held at the Actors Playhouse, located at 100 Seventh Avenue South and will be taught by George DiCenzo.

The New York acting classes mirror the Los Angeles classes in both the operation and method of teaching. Students studying at the BHP in Los Angeles who get a job in New York would be able to sign up for the New York class and his/her training and school environment will be consistent. The same will be true for students studying in New York and traveling to LA.

"Put the word on the street that you're writing about Milton Katselas, and every student he has ever had will want to tell you about the best acting teacher in the world…. They were born with the talent, but he gave them careers." -- New York Times

The Beverly Hills Playhouse is well known for its on-going scene study classes, utilizing Milton Katselas' unique approach, which addresses Acting, Attitude, and Administration.

Acting: The BHP strives to train each actor in real-person-real-place, behavior-oriented, moment-to-moment acting work in the tradition of the great American actors. It is a training ground for serious artists who aspire to long-term careers.

Administration: What choices are you making toward making your life move in the direction you want? What are you really doing about getting acting work? In what work are you interested - TV, Film, Theatre, and what kind? What parts are you right for, really? The BHP is very interested in these questions, and your answer to them.

Attitude: What is your viewpoint of this business? Many actors deal in daily fashion with rampant negativity about their profession, from within the business, as well as from their friends, associates, and family. If you have said or heard any of the million-and-one variations on blame, doubt, suppression, or actor-as-victim, then what the BHP has to offer you in handling Attitude is for you.

At the heart of the BHP training are two books, both by Milton Katselas: 'Dreams Into Action', a national bestseller and 'Acting Class', which up to this point has only been available to BHP students, and now will be released to the public at the end of October.

MILTON KATSELAS' career as a director began in the 1960s with the original off-Broadway production of Edward Albee's 'The Zoo Story'. He studied with Lee Strasberg and Sanford Meisner at the Actors Studio, was nominated for a Tony Award in 1969 for 'Butterflies Are Free' and has directed over sixty plays in New York and Los Angeles. He has also directed feature films as well as television movies. Under the direction of Katselas, Blythe Danner won a Tony Award, Eileen Heckert an Academy Award, and Bette Davis an Emmy Award. The list of other A-list actors who benefited from his tutelage includes Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Kate Hudson, and Kim Cattrall, among many others. In 1978 he founded the Beverly Hills Playhouse, which has become one of the top acting schools in Los Angeles.

GEORGE DICENZO is a long-time student of Milton Katselas. He is an experienced teacher, actor and director and has appeared in over 50 major motion pictures (including 'Helter/Skelter', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', and 'Back to the Future'). He is a frequent guest star on network television ('Law & Order', 'Judging Amy', 'NYPD Blue' and 'Murder, She Wrote', among many others), as well as having starred in his own network television series ('Equal Justice' and 'Joe's Life'). He has appeared frequently on stage (on Broadway in 'On Borrowed Time' with Nathan Lane, directed by his longtime friend George C. Scott).

For more information and a phone interview, call (646) 200-5790.




Milton Katselas

Milton Katselas teaching at the Beverly Hills Playhouse