Orlando Limousine Service, Backstage Limousine’s Adds New Fleet to Their Website

No Competition for Backstage Limousine’s Fleet

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Orlando Limousine

Orlando Limousine

Orlando Limousine Service, Backstage Limousine’s Adds New Fleet to Their Website.

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Backstage Limousine carries a fleet of vehicles that cannot be matched. “Second to none,” “no competition,” “like no other” – these phrases are commonly used as marketing and advertising ploys and often untrue. Backstage Limousine, on the other hand, can truthfully and rightfully use such phrases because their fleet is one-of-a-kind. Backstage Limousine covers over 16 areas of Florida, with its various branches. Opening its first branch over 20 years ago, Backstage Limousine now boasts an impressive fleet of vehicles, in size and models.

Experience, reputation, and now, its fleet, have built Backstage Limousine into Orlando’s leading limousine and car-service company. Experience has led Backstage to make wise decisions and gauge the needs of its clientele. A solid reputation has brought in a steady flow of customers and therefore, revenue. As a result of both, Backstage Limousine has a fleet that includes over 20 different types or models of vehicles.

Backstage’s fleet is comprised of a large array of different sized vehicles and models. For smaller parties of between four and six person, and less, there are four different types of vehicles for customers to choose from. Geared more specifically towards car services, Backstage Limousine offers the widely associated, Lincoln Town Car or a higher-class, Mercedes S550, for up to four passengers. For parties up to six persons, they also offer the Suburban SUV, along with a higher-end SUV, the Escalade. Even standard car services come with options and luxury within Backstage Limousine’s fleet.

Backstage Limousine also offers a classification of vehicles, not typically associated with a limousine company/service. Their fleet includes an unexpected class of shuttle vans/vehicles, with four different kinds, with three being customary luxury vans (7, 10, and 14 passenger.) To add a touch of class, there is a Mercedes Sprinter, which can hold 11 passengers. There is a surprisingly high-demand for these vans, as they are commonly used as shuttles to and from: hotels, weddings, casinos, concerts, Disney World, ports for cruise passengers, and airports. This class of vehicles allows Backstage Limousine to offer customers something others cannot.
Lastly, when it comes to limousines and large parties, the possibilities are quite frankly, endless. Backstage Limousine’s collection includes limousines that range in size, model, price, and even color. Amongst the many they offer clients, there are the: Lincoln Stretch (6 & 10 – black/white), Chrysler (10 – black/grey), Excursion SUV and Escalade SUV (14 – black), and the infamous Hummers (14 – white, 20 – black, & 18 black/PINK). For the extra large parties, Backstage Limousine offers the Minibus (28) and the Party Bus (32). With absolute certainty, there is a limo to accommodate every customer’s style, preference, and needs.

A collection of vehicles, such as the fleet owned by Backstage Limousine, is not only unique, but hard to compete against. Backstage Limousine offers the widest array in size, model, price, and color (yes, even PINK!). Backstage Limousine’s fleet anticipates and caters to the needs of all potential and existing customers. Experience and reputation, alone, would have kept Backstage Limousine amongst the top-ranking limousine companies in Orlando, but their fleet sets them apart, giving them a lead/advantage that is difficult to match.