DePrato Associates of RE/MAX River City South Announces Reasons to Beware of Desperate and Unscrupulous Realtors in the 2014 Edmonton Real Estate Market

The 2014 Edmonton Real Estate market allows home owners to list and sell their own properties. In light of this, DePrato Associates of RE/MAX River City South shares the latest reason to beware of Realtors who are desperate, scrambling, and drastically reducing their fees to make sales.

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

When inexperienced and unlicensed sellers try to market, negotiate and sell their own properties they may be saving on commissions, but are often losing far more on the eventual price and costs of red tape. This is especially true when they are dealing with market savvy buyers. Real estate transactions are often large, complicated, and tricky – much can go wrong. Real estate pros who know what they are doing will usually save or make clients money well above their cost in commissions.

Some of the desperate Realtors in Edmonton have stepped in and offered their services for basically nothing. They promise the world, but really don’t have the experience or knowledge to follow through. Many a seller in Edmonton has found this out when it was too late. Buyers often end up being disappointed and feeling had as well.

Ed DePrato and his team at DePrato Associates of RE/MAX River City South are veterans of the Edmonton real estate scene. They have not only survived but also thrived in recessions, changes of rules and regulations, high interest rates and everything else. Ed was a home buyer and investor before ever entering the real estate field. He is now a licensed real estate agent who has surpassed many milestones in his career, including making Canada’s list of top producing 100 realtors.

The moral of this story is that buyers and seller should beware. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. The real estate industry attracts all kinds of unscrupulous characters who get into the game for all the wrong reasons. Buyers and sellers of real estate are most often better off trusting their valuable assets to seasoned professionals.

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