Personal Development Company Announces New Report on Self Development in Honor of 2012 Mental Illness Awareness Week

The personal development professionals at the Self Development Site have announced a new free report on the importance of personal development in honor of the 2012 Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

The personal development company at have announced a new free report for interested individuals on the importance of turning to a self development plan, in honor of the 2012 Mental Illness Awareness Week. This nationally recognized mental health week, which was first established in 1990 is being held from October 7th- October 13th and has been recognized and endorsed by numerous celebrities over the years. The company is announcing this new free report on seeking professional personal development services in honor of this week of awareness boosting events in hopes that the attention brought to mental health issues will inspire more people to seek the help they need.

This mental health week was designed to help more people around the nation understand the serious issues surrounding mental health needs and the way in which personal development can help people overcome certain mental health set backs. Numerous celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Brooke Shields have been adamant on bringing attention to mental health in the past few years and have helped compound the efforts of the National Alliance on Mental Issues to promote mental health awareness during this week long event.

The new report from the Self Development Site will work to compound the efforts of this mental health week and help those who may need some personal development assistance find ways to do so. The report will detail how self development can help individuals in all areas of their live including their careers, relationships, parenting and finances. The new report, which is being offered for free in time for the 2012 Mental Illness Awareness Week is currently available on the company website for free.

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