VIE Healthcare Makes Their Debut at Healthcare Trade Shows with GLMDisplays

VIE Healthcare, an expert healthcare consulting firm, partnered with leading trade showdisplay provider GLM Displays to make their debut at two healthcare conferences this summer.

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VIE Healhcare debuts their new display at their first Healthcare trade show.

VIE Healthcare will be participating in another trade show soon and the only place we considered ordering a second display from was GLM Displays.

Clear Lake, MN (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

For a consulting firm like VIE Healthcare, reputation is everything. VIE Healthcare is an expert consulting company dedicated to partnering with its hospital clients to create performance improvements through expense reductions, improved resource management, and non-patient care revenue optimization. Their clients range from small rural hospitals to major urban medical centers, and their success depends on their clients’ trust in VIE Healthcare’s expert knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Exhibiting at healthcare conferences is an important way to grow VIE Healthcare’s reputation as a leader in the healthcare consulting field. To achieve this goal, Director of Marketing and Training, Jennifer Malik, coordinated exhibits at two major healthcare conferences this summer: the HFMA Conference in Las Vegas in June, and the NACUBO Annual meeting in Seattle in July.

These conferences were VIE Healthcare’s first exhibiting events in several years—and the first trade shows of Malik’s career. Since their business relies on building client trust, it’s particularly important for their booth to stand out from the competition. This is a challenge every exhibitor faces, but for a newcomer, the prospect of creating the right display can be particularly overwhelming.

Malik admits that as a new exhibitor, staying on top of every aspect of planning a trade show was difficult. With all the different factors to consider, she knew she needed a little extra help to know where to begin. Before making any decisions, Malik downloaded GLM Display’s free guide, “10 Steps for a Successful Trade Show,” which helped her quickly come up to speed on the basics of planning a trade show.

But even with a great resource like the “10 Steps” guide, a little personalized advice goes a long way. “Before I even purchased the booth I must have called [Matt Lunser from GLM Displays] 10 times asking a variety of questions- everything from pricing to design,” she said, “he had the answer for me every time. Matt always made himself available.”

Malik and her team at VIE Healthcare worked with GLM Displays to put together a stunning 30ft Timberline Kit with Tapered Sides and Monitor Mounts. Their display featured an eye-catching wave-top canopy and a clean design that highlights the benefits of VIE Healthcare’s services. They also used two Wave Tube Oval Display Counters to show off their informational materials and hold a raffle. For Malik, the hard work of designing a top-notch display paid off. “It looked amazing,” she says. “We got lots of compliments.”

Malik happily reports that their current display is just the start of a long relationship with GLM Displays. “GLM was a pleasure to work with,” Malik said. “VIE will be participating in another trade show soon and the only place we considered ordering a second display from was GLM.”

With their reputation for excellence at stake, VIE Healthcare is confident their display represents their dedication to producing great results. Their impressive display and their commitment to standing out among the crowd will continue to benefit their business long after their trade shows are over.