Help for those Suffering with Emotional Pain, Addictions, and Relationship Issues as a Result of a Past Abortion

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A Safe Place Abortion Recovery Center provides safe, confidential, non-judgmental help to those suffering with painful issues related to a past abortion event. A Safe Place acknowledges and validates the grief, regret and loss experienced by those that have been impacted by an abortion, as well as the coping and self-medicating measures taken in order to deal with this life-altering event. A Safe Place provides a non-threatening environment in which to complete their grief process, experience closure, and reclaim joy.

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A Safe Place exists so men and women can begin to heal and reclaim their lives along with the hope, peace and joy they lost because of a past abortion experience.

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In Our Midst Ministries announces the opening of A Safe Place Abortion Recovery Center, a staffed facility established specifically to meet the needs of those struggling with issues resulting from a past abortion experience.

Mary Comm, President and Founder of In Our Midst and A Safe Place explains, "As more people begin dealing with issues - such as drug and alcohol addiction, depression, divorce, workaholism, pornography addiction, eating disorders, the need to control, cutting, inability to bond with their children and patterns of broken or abusive relationships - we are seeing undeniable connections to past unresolved abortion experiences. Because of the prevalence of these problems in our society, a growing number of men and women are seeking help with these emotional, spiritual, relational and even physical repercussions, many of whom are unaware they have been attempting to self-medicate the internal pain (or self-punish) due to an abortion in their past. As a result we are realizing a greater need for more specialized options to offer them."

Comm explains, "At A Safe Place Abortion Recovery Center we are committed to maintaining a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment specifically for those experiencing the pain resulting from a past abortion. A Safe Place is for the mothers, fathers, grandparents, other family members, friends, medical personnel, clergy - anyone who is struggling with thoughts, feelings or behaviors related to an abortion that won't go away on their own." Comm continues, "A Safe Place exists so men and women can begin to heal and reclaim their lives along with the hope, peace and joy they lost because of a past abortion experience."

When asked why establish a stand-alone recovery center Comm says, "For many years the vital area of post-abortion ministry has been dutifully carried out by the pregnancy resource center s across the nation and around the world. They have been the true pioneers, bravely stepping forth into the deep, uncharted waters of post-abortion pain and trauma. As with all pioneering endeavors, however," Comm continues, "there comes a time when we begin to think outside the traditional box. In the world of post-abortion pain and lost fatherhood due to abortion that time is now."

Comm has recently established A Safe Place as a way of providing hope and healing to a larger percentage of the population affected by post-abortion pain and trauma. "In order to reach a greater percentage of abortion-wounded men and women we have tailored our center in such a way that both validates their pain and meets their individual needs in a gender-neutral setting without the probability of encountering pregnant women or newborn babies--common fears of those struggling with a past abortion experience," says Comm. "Our center is male-friendly, completely safe, confidential and inconspicuous. Only those calling for appointments will be given the address of our center. There are no signs or placards depicting our offices as an abortion recovery center."

When asked whether she believed the future of abortion recovery would continue to include pregnancy resource centers, Comm replied, "Absolutely! The work the pregnancy resource centers has done and continues to do remains a crucial aspect in the restoration of lives wounded by abortion. Our goal is not to be the only place for safe, confidential recovery from abortion, but another place. It is our hope that abortion recovery will expand into more venues, including more pregnancy centers, churches, mental health practices, etc. With almost 50 million legal abortions in the US alone since 1973, there are more than enough people needing to reclaim their lives from the pain of a past abortion. This job is too big for one venue. Its impact is too important."

The staff and volunteers of A Safe Place Abortion Recovery Center include both male and female peer counselors trained in abortion recovery from a biblical perspective. A Safe Place offers individual and group recovery options for post-abortion women, fathers that have lost children to abortion, and others similarly struggling with the guilt, grief or loss from an abortion, such as grandparents, other family members, friends, medical personnel and clergy. Ongoing monthly support groups are also provided for those that have completed the recovery program. For more information or to schedule interviews, contact Mary Comm by phone at (970) 663-9596 or by email at Visit A Safe Place online at

Mailing Address: A Safe Place Abortion Recovery Center
1151 Eagle Drive, #325
Loveland, CO 80537


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