The Absolute Wealth Newsletter Released “Apples and Dinosaurs” In The Gorrie Details Column

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“Apples and Dinosaurs” by James R. Gorrie was recently published in the Absolute Wealth newsletter explaining about Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world.

Absolute Wealth

Absolute Wealth

Apple has achieved another milestone of becoming worth $500 billion.

James R. Gorrie talks about Apple in the recent “Apples and Dinosaurs” article published in the Absolute Wealth newsletter. The iPad/iPhone maker had just surpassed ExxonMobil for that title and was, the newsletter adds, a terrific example of outside the box thinking in American business.

Now that Apple has achieved another milestone of becoming worth $500 billion, which the newsletter reveals, is more than the net worth of Poland, another look at the garage borne company is in order. The Absolute Wealth newsletter explains, that it is enlightening to compare Apple with ExxonMobil in terms of what effects the two giant firms have upon people collectively and as individuals.

The comparison between the two firms is startling, the newsletter explains, because first of all, examine the motivations that drive each company to do what they do. That is, the newsletter says, identify the why at Apple, why didn’t Apple simply make good computers? They would still make money, for a while the newsletter reports, at least, but money for its own sake wasn’t it.

For Apple Absolute Wealth reveals in their newsletter, innovation is the key motivation, innovation is what allows the Apple guys to become zillionaires. Innovation isn’t just deciding to make something different; it’s also a decision to be something different, the newsletter explains.

The newsletter asks what’s the “why” behind Apple’s innovation? Possible, the newsletter says, it is to more efficiently process information and communication, or more simply put, personal liberty. The Absolute Wealth newsletter explains, that Apple’s innovations have led to greater personal liberty and freedom of movement than any other invention since, the automobile.

Which brings up ExxonMobil, the newsletter reveals, who also has a huge impact upon each and every person. Oil is what fuels cars, heats homes, and powers power plants the newsletter adds, truth is, today, people cannot function as a society without it. The Absolute Wealth newsletter reports the irony is, what once set people free, now has people over a barrel. The cost of individual freedom is counted in the price of a barrel of oil, explains the newsletter.

The “why” of oil companies like ExxonMobil, the newsletter reveals, is clearly not innovation, because the internal combustion engine technology is over 100 years old. The basic concept of burning a fossil fuel to power society is archaic at best, the newsletter says, so oil technology, as its essence, has become a suppressive force in society.

Unlike Apple the newsletter reveals, which embraces innovation, the oil industry fears innovation, because if it were to be rendered obsolete, it would fail to meet its primary goal. Which, the newsletter explains, is to make money and to keep making money, ExxonMobil, and all other oil companies, must stifle innovation and suppress new ideas in order to protect their business.

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