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Absolute Wealth spoke with Craig R. Smith, gold and monetary expert and co-author of the recent book Inflation Deception, to reveal a clear-eyed view of where the economy is headed.

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Craig R. Smith enlightens the Absolute Wealth audience on the rise of China as a major economic player, and how a falling dollar is leading the recession.

Absolute Wealth has released the first three installments of a four-part interview with Craig R. Smith, renowned monetary expert and prognosticator of all things economy. The final part of the series will run this Friday, July 13.

Smith shares his expert opinion on a multitude of current scenarios. The conditions in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere have Smith concerned, and he’s helping people understand the real threats and dangers to their economic environment with his informative and revealing interview answers.

James R. Gorrie, Absolute Wealth’s Managing Editor, relates Smith’s recently co-authored book, “Inflation Deception,” to the current economic affairs. Specifically, Smith enlightens the Absolute Wealth audience on the rise of China as a major economic player, and how a falling dollar is leading the recession.

Smith himself says “Inflation Deception” “reads like a novel, but unfortunately it’s a nonfiction book.”

In Part 1 of the interview series, Smith and Gorrie talk about America’s need to weigh its military and economic options as the global recession gathers steam. Geopolitical power is slipping from American hands, and it could have serious long-term effects.

Part 2 covers the deliberate diversification of China’s economy, likely meant to reduce American leverage. “I do look at China as a superpower now, being strategic in their acquisition of true assets,” says Smith.

Part 3 summarized the other American recession on the micro level. Smith made perhaps his biggest revelation by telling Gorrie that hyperinflation is on its way. “I know this is going to really surprise you,” says Smith, “but I believe by 2015 unless some serious changes are made, we will see months in 2015 where you will see inflation rates of 50% a month. If we stay on the course we’re on, hyperinflation is not just a possibility, it’s a certainty.”

The concluding Part 4 of the series will be published Friday, July 13. Check for the final installment as well as other financial investment and economic information.

Craig R. Smith is an economic analyst and commentator, and has been featured in over 1,500 radio and TV programs. Craig is a frequent guest on Fox's Your World with Neil Cavuto and Harvest TV's Money Moment. He also writes a weekly editorial for He believes we need a revival of self-government and free market principles to help rebuild the American economy. Smith’s next book, Earth AD: Earth After the Dollar, will be out in September.

James R. Gorrie has more than eighteen years of financial advisory experience. He holds a BA in economics, and attained doctoral candidacy in international relations and comparative politics, with an area specialty in international political economy. Gorrie writes daily articles on current macroeconomic and investment topics, Special Reports, and analyses on geopolitical events around the world that affect the market.

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