Acai Berry Reviewed by the SUNDAY EXPRESS Shows Impressive Weight Loss Results -- Lose Weight with Acai Berry

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Acai Berry really works. Read about the best selling 100% Pure Acai berry, available online from a trusted UK store at Evolution Slimming.

The only Acai Berry reviewed by UK newspaper - 100% Pure Acai berry

My skin seemed to have more of a glow and my hair looked really shiny. Now the three months are up and I've lost a total of 7Ibs.

(Andrew Langston) -- Finally - a pure Acai Berry product, available in the UK - that's been truthfully reviewed by UK press.

Imagine there was a fruit that was so powerful it had the ability to help you lose weight, fight harmful toxins and help prevent illness.

It's now a reality - the amazing Acai Berry fruit, discovered in South America, is now available to buy online in a vegetarian capsule form.

Acai Berry, whilst the majority of today's uses are for weight loss, it can also be taken as a great antixoidant product for improving your skin, fighting wrinkles, clearing acne, boosting your energy and helping you sleep better.

In the UK, 100% Pure Acai Berry sells by the thousands. It's so good, it's been reviewed by one of the biggest UK newspapers, the SUNDAY EXPRESS. 100% Pure Acai Berry was reviewed by the editor of 'S' magazine Victoria Gray on Sunday 3rd January 2010. Victoria tried 100% Pure Acai Berry for 3 months, without exercise or dieting, and saw some impressive results.

You can buy your trusted UK acai berry here.

100% Pure Acai Berry's review was a real review - not "featured in", or "advertised" but reviewed.
There's a big difference. Anyone can pay for their products to be advertised, but an editor of the SUNDAY EXPRESS tried 100% Pure Acai Berry for 3 months and LOST 7LBS with no exercise.

Not only did she achieve some great weight-loss results but a huge difference in her general health:

"My energy levels increased, I was sleeping better and my skin seemed to have more of a glow".

"When it comes to diets, I have to admit I'm lazy.

At the very mention of the ā€œDā€ word I begin to feel hungry and deprived and, as for endless sessions in the gym, I use the normal excuses of not having enough time and being too tired.

So when I heard claims that the acai berry is a completely natural new wonder supplement for weight loss- with tales on the internet of how you can potentially lose 10-30 pounds In 30 days - l thought I'd give it a try.

My skin seemed to have more of a glow and my hair looked really shiny.

Now the three months are up and I've lost a total of 7Ibs."

No other Acai berry product has been reviewed and tested in this way.

It's important to note that not all acai berry is the same. The acai you buy on the high street is NOT pure acai. It's a pretty useless extract. It's got to be pure - if you're not taking the whole fruit, there's little benefit.

Acai Berry only works when the entire fruit is picked, freeze-dried to retain the powerful antioxidants, then immediately encapsulated to preserve it's fantastic health properties. Acai is found in the lush rainforests of Brazil, acai berries grow on the tops of the Amazon palm tree. The deep purple pigment conceals the amazing antioxidant power that has made it so highly sought after.

Evolution Slimming's 100% Pure Acai Berry is picked straight from the Amazon rainforest and instantly freeze dried for maxiumum quality in every capsule.

This is NOT an extract; each capsule contains pure Acai berries packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, protein and minerals - a superb supplement designed to supplement weight-loss, detoxification and healthy lifestyles.

Don't waste your time taking a cheap acai berry, or even worse a 'free trial' Acai Berry product.

We've all seen them - no doubt you've been tempted by the 'free trials' of acai berry online where it seems all you'll need to pay is 'just £1.99 P&P". These are scams - the moment you sign up for the free products, they'll keep charging you until you can cancel your bank account. Don't risk it - buy from a trusted UK company like Evolution Slimming.

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