Names the Best Acai Berry Products of 2008

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An informed acai berry consumer is our best customer. We explain why some acai products are loaded with nutritional potency and why others are just a waste of money.

There has been so much positive publicity about the extraordinary nutritional potency of what is being called the rainforest's most nutritious little fruit, the acai berries, that it was only a matter of time before everyone started to get on the bandwagon. There are juices, powders, acai berry supplements, and there is even a vodka-flavored with acai berry, although that one doesn't exactly sound like a health food. Some of the juice products are even showing up in many local supermarkets.

But to get the true nutritional potency that this fruit offers, consumers need to dig a little deeper than the name on the label. According to Charles Sanderson, public relations director of the company, "Most of the so-called acai berry products offer only a small fraction of the acai berry's potential potency although there are a small number of excellent acai products available. However, consumers must do a little homework to find out which are the really good ones and to avoid the health food imposters."

The website is probably the most informative website available for people interested in learning how to choose the best products. Sanderson says, "An informed acai berry consumer is our best customer. We explain why some acai products are loaded with nutritional potency and why others are just a waste of money." The website explains in easy to understand language why some products are excellent and why others do not live up to acai's nutritional potential. The company spells out how consumers can easily select the best acai berry products and easily determine which products fall short.

Another helpful section on the site includes a few pages that explain which acai berry products to avoid and why they should be avoided.

Sanderson explains, "We offer only the highest quality acai products that offer the highest purity and potency. If an acai product doesn't meet our criteria, we won't offer it to our customers." He goes on to explain that customers of are demanding customers who want the best.

There is a section on the website titled Best Acai Berry Products where consumers can find the products named by the organization as the best products of 2008.

The company also has a blog where consumers can obtain information about the latest news, pricing specials, new products, recipes and more. The Acai Berry Products Blog is accessible from the company website.

There are a number of factors that impact the quality and nutritional content of the popular fruit from the acai palm tree. So consumers who want to enjoy the nutritional benefits of acai berry will need to become informed consumers in order to sort out the best products. The organization has done a lot of detective work for consumers and it does an excellent job of sorting out the best acai products.

For instance, consumers should be aware that the fruit is highly perishable and will start to quickly lose its nutritionally potency within 24 hours of harvesting unless it is freeze dried or frozen within this tight time frame. It is important to know that the company supplying the freeze dried or frozen acai product has sufficient quality controls in place, so they can be certain that the berries that they are freezing or freeze-drying has been freshly picked. This is one of about half a dozen critical criteria that are explained on the website that consumers need to know when selecting an acai berry product.


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