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freeze dried acai and specifically our favorite acai supplement called Perfect Acai is as close as most people will get to eating fresh acai berries from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

According to, the leading internet resource for information about popular acai berries, the Brazilian fruit known for its powerful nutritional potency, the berry's popularity continues to increase as more products seem to be coming to market monthly. There are a number of different forms of acai available to consumers, but according to the freeze dried acai berry is the best choice for most people.

The company has an entire section of their website dedicated to explaining to consumers why they believe freeze dried acai berry is the best way for most people to enjoy the well publicized nutritional benefits of this exotic fruit from the Amazon rainforest.

And for consumers concerned about possible acai berry side effects, there is a section on the company website which explains that if folks purchase only authentic pure organic acai berry with no additional ingredients, the issue of side effects become a complete non-issue, unless a person happens to be allergic to the acai berry fruit, which is rare.

Company public relations director Charles Sanderson says that "Most of us don't live in Brazil, so we can't eat freshly picked acai. And since the fruit is highly perishable it can't be transported to other countries in fresh form so the only real options are freezing the skin and pulp or freeze drying it. We think freeze dried acai is the best for a number of reasons."

He adds that consumers can read on the company's website about the advantages of the freeze drying process, about how the process works and why many popular acai berry products should be avoided because they don't live up to the nutritional potential that the acai berry offers.

Sanderson also points out that most of the research that they have seen done on the acai berry has been done on freeze dried acai and not on acai extracts products, spray dried acai berry products or acai berry juices. Many of the acai juices on the market are actually juice-blends that contain undisclosed amounts of actual acai berries and many other ingredients as well.

Sanderson adds "freeze dried acai and specifically our favorite acai supplement called Perfect Acai is as close as most people will get to eating fresh acai berries from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil."

He says that Perfect Acai really is the perfect acai berry product based on the company's selection criteria which is also published on the website. According to Sanderson "the reason the 'Perfect Acai' product is our favorite and our customers' favorite, is because this product is the purest acai supplement on the market. It's the most potent since it's 100% pure organic acai. It is also priced the best by far." He adds that "Perfect Acai is the perfect acai product because it fits all of our essential criteria for selecting a quality acai product which includes potency, purity, and price." He adds that freeze-dried acai is a more convenient way for most people to use acai.

Since there are so many acai products becoming available, consumers need to do a little homework before purchasing if they want to buy a product that provides the nutritional potential they are seeking. Sanderson says "An informed acai berry consumer is our best customer. Whenever you have an exciting new product like this and the ensuing hype, the inevitable health food imposters will start to appear and that has already begun." Sanderson adds that they have done a lot of homework so that the consumer doesn't have to do the legwork. He also says they have presented it in a concise easy to read format so that consumers who are interested in acai products can spend a small amount of time and avoid wasting money on nutritionally inferior products.

Additional information about the company's product selections for the best acai berry products can be found on their website.

The company also maintains a blog where consumers can obtain information about the latest acai berry news, pricing specials, new products, recipes and more.

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